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Gulfstream begins deliveries of G650 today

First delivery to Steve Wynn of Las Vegas photo N607GD (now N711SW) by Micheal Carter ( More...

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Jeff Lawson 1
Additional links from original post:
Brian Bishop 1
Fitting tail # for it's new owner.
biz jets 1
PS: N100A 6010 Exxon Mobil was also delivered same day, thought N711SW departed and arrived home 1st.
John Rumpf 0
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Very First Gulfstream G650 delivered today

This is very exciting news!!! The brand new Gulfstream G650 made it's very first delivery today.
Bob Ziehm 0
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First Gulfstream G650 delivery arriving at Portland-Hillsboro Airport

First Gulfstream G650 delivery arriving at Portland-Hillsboro Airport
USAFcptnShades 0
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First G650 delivered

The first Gulfstream G650 has been delivered, and the company has also landed an FAA production certificate for the ultra-long-range jet.


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