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Brazilian police helicopter fires at suspected drug dealer

Video from 2012 of Brazilian police shooting at a suspected drug dealer from a helicopter while also spraying a Rio de Janeiro neighborhood with bullets just surfaced and was shown nationally in Brazil. It quickly drew rebukes and concerns about police tactics. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Josh Preston 7
Someone has been playing WAY too much Call of Duty
John Smith 3
This takes me back to the days when playing Grand Theft Auto on PS3
zennermd 2
I'm wondering about all the homes they were hitting while trying to hit the car...
MeanMrMustard 5
Pretty reckless police work if you ask me. It doesn't matter how the region is viewed by the officers, they are supposed to be protecting people and this demonstrates a failure of duty. If you lived in this slum, would you feel safer after this incident? How do you think your opinion of the police would be affected?
The law is lawless worldwide, well the majority of them...
Ric Wernicke 2
This happened in a slum where the drug dealers are the law. Police in the airship were defending themselves from fire on the ground.
Josh Preston 1
Just out of curiosity (and on a more serious note), does the pilot have control of the trigger and therefore firing bursts or is that someone else in the aircraft? Figured it was in an area not looked highly upon...
joel wiley 2
I think there was a gunner. The video seems to be from a targeting platform which is moving independently of the chopper. I don't think they'd have the pilot try to fly and shoot at the same time.
bentwing60 1
If you are paying attention to what law enforcement wants, let alone what the drone sales guys want to offer, (gotta make those sales), this could come to a theater near you in short order. Hope I'm way wrong, but when the federal govt., HLS, TSA, buys 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, that's a lotta target practice.
Marcus Pradel -1
We're talking a neighborhood where Police cars & Helicopters are frequently shot at.

If the level of warfare experienced there by Police is unheard of anywhere here even near the Mexico border. On this side of it, at least..


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