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News Reports of Mystery Night Flights in Quincy MA...FAA MUM

Several News agencies are reporting that there have recently been several mystery low level night flights in the vicinity of Quincy Mass. The FAA says it knows who is conducting the flights but will not say why the flights are taking place. Further more the FAA apparently will not confirm to elected officials that there is no risk to residents as a result of the flights. Has anyone seen this aircraft or been diverted as a result of its operations? ( More...

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joel wiley 2
Mystery flight, N906TM. Only mystery now is why?
josh homer 1
"The tail number, N906TM, which can be seen in one photo, is registered to a company called RKT Productions."

Why would a production company be doing this? Is it a super secret movie project from Hollywood lol? I don't understand what the government would want to do this for, so for now I won't buy into any consiracy theories. Unless one of y'all have a good one!
Waldovision 1
Look at the big ole camera behind the left main....I saw one of these the other week in El Paso.... Definitely government and there are multiple out there,
josh homer 1
Looks like someone did their homework in the comments section:
"RKT Productions' address is a maildrop in Bristow, VA. So I searched all other planes registered in Bristow: Notice there's a bunch of Cessna C182s with sequential serial numbers registered to what sounds like dummy corporations, including one registered to "Northwest Aircraft Leasing Corp." Searching that leads to: Looks like there's surveillance going on, and the FBI-related companies behind them moved from Newark, DE to Bristow, VA."
I wonder if they're maintaining altitude over an inhabited area, eh?
siriusloon 1
Obviously the only possible explanation is sinsiter and nefarious. It's impossible that anyone could think there could ever be a perfectly reasonable explanation.

And of course any company you've never heard of before can only be a "dummy corporation", not simply a company you've never heard of before.

There's no need to be so paranoid, you know. They've already flown over your house.
joel wiley 1
A perfectly reasonable explanation can be that a government agency is engaged in widespread spying on the population in general. Perfectly reasonable can include sinister, nefarious infringements on what few constitutional rights we currently retain. I doubt that 'little green men' use Cessnas.

Gleaton's Law:
No matter how paranoid you are, they are always doing more than you realize.
Gene spanos 1
Yes.....he fly's over our community all the time!
Bed check charlie we call him and a few more as well....
Fly Quiet....not really!
Is soul of OSAMA BIN LADEN! hauauhhauahuahuahuahuahuauhahuahuahuahuahu


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