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Man Accused Of Flying Ultralight Aircraft Over Festival While Intoxicated

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 28-year-old Biwabik, Minn. man has been arrested and charged with allegedly flying an ultralight aircraft low over a Bluegrass Festival while intoxicated.... Buzzing while buzzed -- Not good at all - Could have ended much worse. ( More...

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joel wiley 7
Flying Under the Influence.

Maybe he should try it on a Presidential TFR- I can see the headline "BUZZED BUZZER BUZZED BY FALCON. Details at 11"
sparkie624 3
LOL, I like your way of thinkng.
Jeffrey Babey 5
We're almost as bad as Wisconsin for stupid drunken tricks performed by humans, my state just keeps getting stranger and Wisconsin still has us beat with the guy with the powered bar stool he drove to and from the bar, he got several DWI's on
J.D. Klingman 1
Apparently, the story about the guy who invented and crashed the motorized bar stool was actually from Newark, Ohio:

I remember another story about a couple of bicycle mechanics from Ohio (109 miles from Newark) who invented a motorized, winged contraption which reportedly circled the Eiffel tower. What will those people from Ohio invent next?

Minnesota compares well: "Man pleads guilty to DWI in a motorized La-Z-Boy":
Musketeer1 3
What is the max for an ultralight, 350lbs or something? I'd take my chances jumping out of the way of one of these over a drunk-ass in a golfcart at a festival...
sparkie624 3
Is that empty weight or loaded. If loaded I know people that would be out of W&B without the plane?
PhotoFinish 1
350lbs seems like the empty weight, but couldn't imagine that it would be able to carry much more than 350 in extra passemger(s) and baggage, probably less.

It's more like a piece of sport equipment, than a mode of transport. Think of it as a flying surfboard with wings.
sparkie624 1
LOL, I know people that are well over 350lbs... guess ultra lights would not be a good hobby for them... :)
Musketeer1 1
I got curious and did a little research...max empty weight is 254 pounds, 5 gal of fuel, and 55 knots. You can only fly during the day over unpopulated areas.
PhotoFinish 1
Thanks for the research Musketeer. But how much can they carry?

Musketeer1 1
I'm a total amateur in this area, but the regulations don't seem to limit the max. With my knowledge of aerodynamics and powerplants (I'm no einstein) I would be very surprised if they could get a big boy (260lbs+) off of the ground.

Also, no certification is required and you have to remain outside of controlled airspace unless previously authorized. I don't see anything in part 103 about alcohol consumption...I think the only reg this guy broke was flying over a congested area. The alcohol must be a local charge.
PhotoFinish 1

Now, back on topic, I doubt any locality has an FUI statute on the books, but would be happy to have someone point one or more of them out.

Wonder what charges were brought against the buzzed buzzing pilot.
cmp5n 2
Just curious but will with some knowledge on the topic share with the rest of us:

A) Was this guy busted for breaking the FAA's 8 hr bottle to throttle rule or was he busted for a local ordinance, something like reckless endangerment, etc.

B) Which enforment agency/agencies technically has jusristicition over a pilot when he is flying? I was under the impression it was only the FAA and the DOD.

C)Can a local municipality/state government legally charge someone for something that was done while the pilot was in flight? I thought this was only the FAA's and DOD's jusridiction.



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