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JetBlue Worries About Losing Pilots to Better-Paying Airlines

JetBlue will be walking a tightrope in 2014 as it continues negotiations with pilots. The airline has been falling behind rivals in terms of profit margins, but the struggle to retain pilots means JetBlue is going to have to increase their compensation. This is stuff to keep executives awake at night. ( Daha Fazlası...

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sparkie624 4
There is a quick answer to save your pilots... Stop worrying about the bottom line and pay a better wage that is competitive to the industry for what they fly.
JD345 1
Unfortunately the bottom line is what keeps an airline from becoming little more than a memory and a Wikipedia article that starts with "was an airline" instead of "is an airline". If they're paying pilots less than competitors and making less money than competitors, obviously there's something elsewhere in their cost structure that has to change if their wages are going to be more in line with the rest of the industry.
sparkie624 4
I am just saying.. If you fly the same planes and pay less... You are going to loose the pilots... Just like in the regionals... They get a chance to move up... That has always been a problem, until the pay is competitive you are going to lose the pilots. If not the same or better benefits they are going to go... fact of life.

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JD345 1
They really should find a guy sleeping on a bench somewhere and pay him a dollar to be the CEO of United.
Gary Bennett 3
Check upper management pay! This will lead you to the problem..
sparkie624 2
You got it... Right in the Lead Weight Department. The ones who needs reports delivered to them so that they feel important, and once they get them, someone has to explain it to them.
Marcus Pradel 2
Pay your pilots a better rate. Pilots overseas make 4-10 times what their counterparts are earning in the US for their first 10 years on the job.
When JetBlue first started, what 2000 (?), there was some talk about a sweetheart deal to cover much of the maintenance costs by Airbus. Does anyone recall the details, or the truth of that thought? If that is indeed the case, I wonder what may happen when that egg hatches.
spatr 1
Pretty sure that was just a rumor. Normal warranty support from Airbus and Embraer. The maintenance cost increase is coming from the fleet getting older not some "deal" expiring.

However, attrition will be a problem as the legacy airlines hire. Unless there is a major compensation overhaul at JB, the younger and more junior pilots will leave because over the remainder of their career they can make significantly more money. Also, being non union Jb pilots are tied to the rest of the company as far as retirement and benefits go. Both of which lag behind their peers


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