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Antonov An-24 Extreme Rough Take-off

It just HAS to be watched! Makes me wonder what the conditions have to be for the crew to decide "Naw.....We better not go" !!!! ( More...

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bentwing60 1
This one has been around the block a time or two, not that there is anything wrong with a retread, as long as it doesn't hit my windshield! I suspect these guys do stuff like that on a regular basis, ergo, probably one of the reasons why the Ruskies have a fairly high accident rate. Gotta be a tough as nails bird though! I'm not sure how rough the runway, was but it sure was wet. When the flight manual says up to 5 inches of slush and snow, that pretty much leaves out anything I have ever flown!
Gary Roberts 1
Yeah - I wasn't sure if it was a dupe.....but worth watching nonetheless!
bentwing60 1
No harm, no foul.


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