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Airbus A350 world tour to visit Sydney on August 5th

The Airbus A350 will visit Sydney next month as part of a worldwide tour to test the aircraft ahead of its commercial debut at the end of this year. ( More...

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jamesjohn911 1
hope it touches down at YPPH like the A380 that had problems on route to dubai ex sydney had to land at perths short runway.
daniel jef 1
I hope it lands at st maarten were on departing there is the chalenging hill climb before getting on route to were they will be going next
Kelvie Smith 1
Hope it comes to KATL since Delta has it on its RFP for replacement aircraft for older Boeing 767-300ER and a replacement for the Boeing 747
Nolan Carroll 1
Yep. me too.
nicole ngono 1
I hope Delta will buy the Boeing 787 Dreamliner , it s a much better aircraft regarding the technical and the structure ! The boeing 787 is much more easy to handle than the Airbus A350 as Boeing 777 and 767 are more easy to handle than Airbus A340 and A330 !
Please be tolerant with my English , i am French speaking , i do my best ...........
Greetings from France !
Nolan Carroll 1
Delta ordered some 787 Dreamliners Actually.


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