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Boeing forecasts huge need for pilots over next 2 decades

Boeing on Tuesday forecast worldwide demand over the next two decades for 533,000 new commercial pilots and 584,000 maintenance technicians. The projection fuels the debate on whether a pilot shortage is looming. ( Daha Fazlası...

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WtfWtf 7
Raise the starting pay to a a living wage and one in line with the costs of education and I'm in. It needs to start at 65k to be feasible.. And the 6 months as a CFI instead of 1500 hours.. Since that's the grace period on the student loan.
matt jensen 3
65k is what the boss pays my F/O
bees31ballard 2
My son has wanted to be a pilot since he was a little boy. He is an expert at Microsoft Flight Simulator. He is currently a deans list student a major University. he spent two years on active duty getting qualified as an Air Force Air traffic controller and curently holds an AF and FAA Tower Operator certification. He completed that training and is now in the Air National Guard. The problem is the cost of flight training. Holy cow. He would be in debt forever. He went in to the ANG to help with schooling costs and get an aviation skill. If we are facing a shortage of pilots, what are the airlines doing to help these young people out to get into flight feeder schools to train them to be pilots. My son is frustrated that the avenues are not real clear to get to his goal. I think the airlines are just sitting back, not worrying about investing in the pipeline and waiting to see what lands in there laps with little or no cost to them. Seems like a national problem the airlines will have to face, probably behind the eight ball as usual. Any help on programs or paths to help would be appreciated.
matt jensen 2
The airlines are going to do what they've nearly always have done since VN - raid the USAF and USMC of their pilots. Paying them 5x what they'd earn on active duty. My son is a RCAF pilot with 12525 hrs in CC-177 jets. AC offered him $85k/yr as an F/O on one of their smaller pax jets. He turned them down. Only five more years before retirement and a pension.


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