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Air Travel Is Low Risk For Ebola Transmission

There has been an awful lot of news coverage of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) since learning that on Tuesday a passenger who arrived in the United States on a commercial flight from Liberia had been admitted into a Dallas hospital after ( More...

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Thomas Dwyer 1
Did they rename the Aircraft that came from Brussels the Ebola Gay ?
joel wiley 1
That is similar to what they said about the Titanic I believe.
You bet your life it is!
canuck44 1
This is becoming like the original fiasco on AIDS, HIV or whatever we called it then, HTLV, I think. We were reassured that it could only be contracted by the famous "H", heroin, Haitian and homosexual behavior. That certainly turned out to be more than a little inaccurate.

Now we were originally told Ebola can only be transmitted in body fluids, blood, serum, saliva, semen and sweat. Now it seems it can somehow be transmitted for up to three feet, much less than seating distance on commercial aircraft.

When in doubt, play it safe.
joel wiley 1
Fiasco is too optimistic. Our safety depends on health organizations responding effectively and public compliance to avoid a disaster. The Texas index patient is being investigated by Liberia for lying on an exit questionnaire. Texas health authorities have not disinfected his quarters for several days allowing for the infection to spread.
Not a good start.
canuck44 0
Political correctness trumps good public health measures. AIDS is a perfect example, but Ebola will follow suit.
joel wiley 1
Also why hospital beds are targeted for the average number of cases. Haven't been needed for decades.
Jason Feldman 1
The lack of imagination of our elected officials scares me....

What is to keep people from terrorist organizations from sneaking into Liberia, getting infected, then traveling all over the western world killing billions using their own bodies as bio-terrorism weapons.

We need to tread this situation differently than we ever have before. I am not saying that we should kill those infected, but we really must cut off all travel to or from the entire region, leaving hundreds of miles as a buffer zone - using "comparative imagery" from satellites and drones to detect anything that moved and stopping it from escaping.

Pandemics can and HAVE happened, and those occurred without any terrorist organizations that were hell bend on death and destruction. We have to view this epidemic the same way we would if ISIS, Al Qaeda etc - were to break into a CDC lab and steal a vial - or if someone broke into a military base and stole a biochemical weapon or nuclear weapon....

This shit is scary as hell - and no one is thinking like a terrorist - so how can we stop them?


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