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Windowless Planes Could Take To The Skies In 10 Years

Windowless Planes Could Take the skies in 10 years? What are your opinions on this? I would rather have a real window instead of a screen! ( Daha Fazlası...

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preacher1 3
I really don't expect that our opinions will matter here one way or other. They will build what they want to and how they want to. My curiosity is why it will take them 10 years to get there.
ThinkingGuy 2
History suggests that passengers will complain all day long about windowless planes, but, given a choice will take the windowless option, if it's cheaper.
mfbutzin 2
Windows if you please and what will they do with the over wing exits?
Nick Hesler 2
Why the hell is this even an idea. All i can see for windows if for them to get bigger. I cansee windows eventually get to the size of car windows or bigger. They should never go away.
joncon25 1
We experienced a windowless seat on a Delta flight (last row in the aircraft) and we both have claustrophobia. The attendant could care less, but my wife moved to an empty seat with a window. When the passenger with that seat assignment boarded, she readily agreed to take the seat in the windowless row. We now avoid that type of aircraft, unless we get seats with windows.
Michael Fuquay 1
Passengers are already treated like cargo. What's the difference?
preacher1 2
Like I said below, why will our opinion matter anyway. As one of the news host commented this morning, it'd be cool, just like flying along on nothing. To me, it would be a little unnerving, if the whole side appeared gone. LOL
The airlines are in control. Airlines will buy what their customers demand and are willing to pay the fares. If it's all about lowest possible fares, well it going to be the cheapest thing the airlines can buy and operate. As for the business traveler, a lot of low level employees are now using "Go To Meeting" software and letting the Internet provide the transport. Which means the vacation public is in control. One trip into MCO or SNA should be all one needs to profile that bunch of passengers.
preacher1 1
I never will forget an NWA commercial back in late 1980's or early 1990's when personal contact was given up and the phones started ruling. The boss came around with airline tickets to each customer, laying them on the salesmen's desks. That said, it is different today to look across at the individual halfway around the world. Looking at someone makes a whole bunch of difference.
oowmmr 1
They must have gotten that from Las Vegas with those artificial skies indoors. I like windows but notice most shades closed. No more P6SM views, cotton candy clouds or night time lightning, seems it will, truely, be just an aluminum tube. :(
yoteun 0
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'Windowless planes' could be a reality in the next 10 years

In a concept design created by UK product and technology research company, Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), an airplane's windows are replaced with floor-to-ceiling screens displaying seamless panoramic views of the sky captured by cameras mounted outside the plane. Take a look.


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