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United Airlines emergency landing at Heathrow

Updates as passenger plane returns to Heathrow after circling English Channel. ( More...

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Mark Lansdell 6
This article reads like 'Man pats dog and dog lays down at mans feet' I don't see what's so earth shaking. 'Airplane malfunctioned, pilots reacted properly and and landed safely.' Good job, pilots sorry for the delay, pax.. Text book reaction and solution unless I missed something.
Taterhed 6
yes, well, apparently, there are no riots, floods or bombings important enough to attract attention.

media, ugh.
Mike Mohle 1
Wait 10 minutes, Sharpton has a press conference coming up....
M.F. LaBoo 1
He's going to blast idiots who reflexively post political codswallop like this on a technical thread, instead of Stormfront where they belong.
royalbfh 4
I have no parade to rain on: my only real knowledge of the UK is learned from Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond from Top Gear. However, I will stand corrected on the "flight level part. I did not see what the "QNH" was either. always amazed when the news headline should be "Airline crew spotted malfunction: Landed airplane safely" make the news..
Taterhed 2
Spot on. Just like this 'news article' Ambitious But Rubbish
royalbfh 2
Ambitiose sed ineptum......
Taterhed 3
Crew have left the packs off before...that's pretty self evident and easy to fix (turn it on). Exposure to 10,000 is perfectly legal and doesn't represent a health risk to most (99%) of the passengers. Stuck outflow, blown duct or bad controller probably...

As for the "you would think...." comments, the second rate aviators often miss the cabin altitude until the horn goes off and the masks drop.... Nice catch if you ask me.
mskierki 2
Flight path.
royalbfh 2
Why were there medical teams standing by? And the idiot media calls it "FL100"? ooohhh, ten thousand feet and the cabin didn't pressurize!! Its Amazing what passes for news these days.
Mark Lansdell 3
To head off any possibility of a law suit. To quote the famous sheriff, Buford T. Justice "Evidence!!"
royalbfh 1
anytime you can use a "Smokey and The Bandit" reference you know its a good thread......
Mark Lansdell 1
Roger, Roger. :-)
royalbfh 1
Oh boy... here we go!
Mark Lansdell 2
Hahahahah! Enjoy your day.
Pilots doing what they do well.
Thats the reason for the hold for 4 hours
Mark Lansdell 1
Is that a question or a challenge?
taterhed1 1
don't mean to 'rain' on your cornflakes, but technically, in the UK, FL100 is correct.
This was probably generated from a UK/EURO report of the diversion.

Tricky things, those transition altitudes.

8 Altimeter Setting Procedures
8.1 General Procedures
8.1.1 The Transition Altitude within the United Kingdom is
3000 ft except in or beneath that airspace specified in
paragraph 8.3.
8.1.2 Vertical positioning of aircraft when at, or belo
w, any Transition Altitude will be expressed in terms of
Altitude. Vertical positioning a
t, or above, the Transition Level will normally be
expressed in terms of Flight Level; in
these circumstances, when descending thr
ough the Transition Layer, vertical position will be expressed in terms of
Altitude and when climbing, in terms of Flight Level. It
should not be assumed that separation exists between the
Transition Altitude
and Transition Level.
royalbfh 1
sorry....or cornflakes........
Gary Koenig 1
And, the flight track log shows that although they initially leveled off at 100, shortly thereafter climbed to 110, and then 120, where they spent almost 4 hours looping -- the tracking map is a thing of beauty!
Mark Lansdell 1
Welll, if ya don't have a dump valve ya gotta burn the gass off someway. May as well make it purdy on the tracking chart.
dvhelicopters 1
It's quite obvious that you don't know what you are talking about

[This poster has been suspended.]

pirahna432 1
Because usually you can't really check the pressurization system fully on the ground, and if you did it would be painful for everybody's ears.
"The Samaritan" will probably want a good way to do that going forward. ;-P
Troy Caines -1
They left packs off
ltcjra 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Footage shows massive fuel dump of United Airlines flight carrying 240 people to New York

Footage recorded by a passenger shows fuel being dumped from wing. Those on board say they had to put up with hours of turbulence and worry


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