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AirAsia Black-Box Search Restarts Debate on Tracking Technology

In this day in age, this should not be an issue... ( Daha Fazlası...

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Colin Seftel 2
Another improvement to CVR technology will be to include video of the cockpit. Some road transport operators are already doing this in their trucks.
matt jensen 2
We had that a decade ago in out otr trucks - got rid of it when the drivers covered up the cameras. Now with Teletrac Gps and Qualcom we know where each truck is at any given moment.
Colin Seftel 1
I wonder whether aircrew would react the same way?
linbb 1
Should have fired the drivers as it costs company's many dollars trying to defend there story's in an accident. Put them in transit busses where I used to work helped out a lot as not much he said she said after that. Also took care of other crap that took place in there the drivers were doing. Oh yes and then the OTR drivers and anti skid brakes, cant lay rubber not stopping fast enough. LOL
Ric Wernicke -1
I cannot understand why if the MP3 player (the size of a matchbox) can hold 5,000 songs (or one telephone message from my mother-in-law) how come the FVR is limited to 1/2 to 2 hours? Why can't the entire conversation, including intercom, be recorded from power up?

Back in the time when FDR and FVR's used magnetic tape I can understand the lack of space to record flight information, but today there is no excuse.

There is also no excuse for not sending positioning data every six seconds to pinpoint where the plane is should it run into trouble.

The airframers themselves should implement the technology, and demand governments enforce its use.

My brow grows weary every time I read factory safety modifications are implemented by some governments and not others does the required work. I just want to slap the airline boss square-headed who ignores safety because their government has not acted.
Bryan Lucas 3
Do some reading on ADS-B.. It's not in the news and I don't know why, but we already have many many aircraft with it now. ADS-B receives the airplane's GPS coordinates, and transmits them once per second. Oh, and ADS-B is the future of ATC tracking, partial mandate by FAA in 2020. But it's not mentioned in the news...
Ric Wernicke 1
ADS-B is certainly one approach, but it is too complicated for the "on and gone" news media. I don't believe it has a future except as a back up source of positional data.

I built my first ADS radio a decade ago to "listen" to arriving aircraft at LAX. You can now buy commercial products to "listen" at home from Amazon for less than a Benjamin.

It is a wonderful use of existing GPS technology as a second source of position data for ATC and hobbyists like me.

The trouble is at around 1 GHz it is strictly line of sight. There are major portions of the planet where planes fly that have no ground receivers.

The only system of receivers presently that cover the globe are hanging in space. That is the system that would need to be used to watch every airborne object. Six seconds would allow enough bandwidth to track every commercial airplane now.


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