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Photos: Inside the Airbus A350's crew rest loft

Photos of the six-berth crew rest loft at the rear of the Airbus A350 ( Daha Fazlası...

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chalet 5
I just loved the placard warning "ONE PERSON PER BED°. Attaboy
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
The implied words " But strong enough for two " ! ;-p
Mac Bridge 1
Hahaha XD
oowmmr 3
Very nice quarters. I notice that Qatar employees are very well dressed and an air of professionalism about them.
Ric Wernicke 4
It's good that crew is finally getting the space they need to get proper rest on extended time flights so common today. Their main purpose is not to serve a meal and tuck you in. It is to be there for safety. There is no argument that proper rest is necessary to meet that goal.
Norman Hale 2
Rick, I totally agree with you. Better they get their rest than me. I can catch up later they need to be on there game. Nice quarters.
jmilleratp 2
I've seen the 787's crew loft. This seems to be along those lines.
jcsjcs 2
An FA told me about the 787's crew loft above the passengers. She also explained that the missing overhead bin is actually their emergency escape route.
andres katz 2
Why can't airlines offer something similar to passengers? I would pay extra for a bed like that no service, an accesible bar when needed and a close toilet
Er.A.K. Mittal 0
The crew stays in the best of 5 star hotels, irrespective of status. And its free while others have to pay through their nose ! All a part of job.
Some airlines I am told do offer slumberette for a price .
Happy flying .
Ric Wernicke 1
Here in Los Angeles crews stay in hotels that are a bit less than 5 Star, about four less, some of them even rent by the hour. Many hotels near LAX are so seedy, even the fleas refuse to stay there.

Google Lot E at LAX, many pilots sleep in old campers because it is better than the hotels offered.
eleni eleni 3
mais je préfère regarder le paysage
patrick legein 2
moi aussi ;-)
John brandt -1
egnilk66 3
"but I prefer to look at the scenery"
André Goyette 3
Moi aussi. À 3km d'altitude, même s'il n'y a que des nuages à voir, il faut réaliser qu'on vole dans le ciel et apprécier ce privilège de notre époque.
joel wiley 2
Me too. 3km altitude, even if there are only clouds to see, one must realize that flying in the sky and enjoy the privilege of our time.
Google est votre ami
John brandt -1
eleni eleni 2
magnifique Airbus !
Ric Wernicke 1
Je suis Charlie?
joel wiley 1
Oui. Le Prophète pleura. Seulement ses larmes pourraient être présentés
Joe Mayer 1
Just wait until the bean counters see the waste in this.
(insert sarcasm here). Crews don't need rest, we could fit four economy seats into each bunk space.
Just kidding here , but it would not surprise me in the least in this day and age.
Didn't the original 747 have a lounge upstairs?
Penni Harju 1
Very nice
Raj Michael 0
I wonder if I can trade places with the crew for a nominal fee :)


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