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Flier beware: Airlines aren’t clear about their photography policies

Airlines getting stricter about picture taking. “I showed her the picture and offered to delete it, but she became even more combative, accusing me of being a security threat. She made it a point to tell me that she was going to document this security breach in my travel record.” ( Daha Fazlası...

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Ric Wernicke 2
Since photography was invented there are those who attempt to restrict its use, mostly using pretext as an excuse to over come 1st Amendment rights. Some security situations like government installations rises to overcome the freedom to shutterbug.

With all due respect to those with a different opinions, most airplanes are common carriers and thus open to the public, and I would argue an extension of the public space. Persons in public have no expectation of privacy, including other passengers or crew. One could not use an image of a private person for profit, but if any person is part of a bona fide news story the image could be published.

If necessary, be discrete, and cooperative with instructions from crew. Even if they are wrong there is little to gain by insisting on your rights. They have all the power in that moment.

You rights are not so protected in other countries. Taking a picture in a foreign airport can lead to serious consequences.
AB1946 1
So much for enjoying taking photos of airplanes! Luckily, I have not had any problems doing so. This does not bode well for Members of Flightaware. But, then, it's possible that some of these airline employees are either on a power trip or are having a bad day and just want to lash out at the first person they see doing something they don't see occurring every day. Rest assured that if I wish to take a photo of anyone on an airplane not in my group, Crew or otherwise, I shall ask permission first.
Not necessarily so.

You can take pictures of airplanes in public places, which includes around, in, and on airport property. But from the article, it states that taking pictures *on the aircraft* is up to the discretion of the airline, as it is private property. They own the aircraft, not the people.

So if you're in the terminal, snap away. If someone asks you to stop, remind them of your rights, and send them on their way. there is nothing they can put in your 'travel record', because you are not in any violation of any law or regulation.


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