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Jetstar passengers stranded at NZCH from flight

Jetstar passengers on a flight to Queeenstown NZ were diverted to Christchurch NZCH we angry and left without no comment from the Jetstar management after the plane had being put down at Christchurch. The A320 jet landed without passengers knowing what was wrong with the aircraft. Still the aircraft remains on the ground at Christchurch and no one from the management at Jetstar have made comment. Strange and unfortunate this is with there reputation as a budget carrier not so great. ( Daha Fazlası...

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mzscapes 1
When will the airline learn their lesson... You do everything you can to get your personnel to the diversion point... Use one of your executive aircraft or find someone who can fly a team with a boat load of cash to help your customers that are stranded due to your control... Yes ,you own those airplanes and anything that happens to them, even thought the c-suite and bean counters think otherwise... You pull an aircraft out of mx check, crew it with your standby staff and go rescue them... it is an easy decision, why is it so hard???
bazza445 1
i see your opinion and that is true I flew Jetstar from NFFN/YSSY a few days ago. What a crap service and the A320 a/c not cleaned and we were delayed for a couple of hours with excuses they come up with. But did you know what they do here in Australia. When they cannot fill the plane what do they do. They put you or up load you to another aircraft or flight and they say due to a problem with the aircraft the flight has being delayed. They talk BS to passengers. I stopped flying them now and use Virgin Australia or Tiger airways
tracytearata 1
Jetstar don"t give a dam it"slime there young flighta attendants no brain no pain
kaitai929 1
Tracy I agree with you most of these budget carriers have inexperienced staff that don"t no how to handle there work loads or the passenger. They are a no frills carrier to get from A to B . That's why there cheap compared to the major carriers.
zkokp777 1
It"s a shame that Qantas off shoot budget carrier carries on this way that's why many passengers flight the oppression airlines such as ANZ virgin NZ. But since the introduction of budget carriers it keeps the major carriers from hiking the airfares up.
zkokp777 1
Sorry spell era other competitors is the word


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