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New Zealanders are angry with AIr NZ over aircraft rego's

Today on TV3 the general public and the passengers who fly there nations airline air new zealand have lashed out at the companies CEO Luxton over the use of two aircraft invovled in crashes over thirty years ago. The new Boeing 787-919 Dreamliners will have the DC8 - DC10-30 rego's put on them. Two of them are ZK-NZB a DC8 rego which crashed on training at NZAA in 1966 The other being ZK-NZP a DC10-30 lost on MT EREBUS killing 257 passengers in 1979. Most peole in NEW ZEALAND object to it… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Andre Sidler 1
Air New Zealand's PR and marketing department should have been consulted before Flight Ops went ahead with what is considered a highly sensitive issue. Consultation with the historic traditions in the re-naming of ships or aircraft would have guided them better. I pretty sure you would not want to sail on a ship renamed Mary Celeste, or Titanic, or an airship renamed Zeppelin. Surely there are more registration letters available on the New Zealand aircraft registration? Penny pinching on having to apply for another registration
? Really? Air New Zealand shame on you.
woodenflute42 1
Link dead.
preacher1 1
30 years and somebody ought to say get over it, but it is odd that the numbers are even still available to use.
Martin Haisman 1
Doesn't bother me but NZ is a small country with only 4.4 million people and one of the highest aviators per population. The problem is Erebus is hugely contentious still having those with rose coloured glasses on and those that are truly objective. It was compounded by ANZ at the time (1979) trying to hide a mistake they made.
zkokp777 1
The point of the matter is the aircraft rego has being taken off from the registary and ANZ are well informed of this bit if they do try to use it. It will be void according to the FAA and the CASA
sueridge307 1
Correct when the aircraft plane maker back when it was produced or came of the production line and sold to the carrier it is recorded with its new rego. History dates back to 1974 ZK -NZP delivered to ANZ it was a young aircraft only five years old at the time it was written off and this was recorded with the plane maker at that time Mc Donnell Douglas who has the entry as a WO incident aircraft. So the rego can not be used again that goes for the AA DC 10 flight 191 in Chicargo the same year ANZ lost there aircraft they cannot use this rego
Martin Haisman 0
Surely the CAA aircraft register should have removed NZ-NZP and ANZ refused it. Erebus is still in the minds of many and people and those directly affected are still around. I guess you cant remove all registrations of historical accident registrations but NZ-NZP nup.
tracytearata 2
Just to let you no being as I work for ANZ I currently have looked at the ANZ registar of aircraft past present we have ZK-OKP ZK-NGP as for the two registrations in concern both DC8 DC10 ZK-NZB ZK-NZP cannot be used they are deleted
Martin Haisman 1
Interesting the link is now removed. This is the second time a link has been removed or changed. What's up FlightAware?
parisram007 1
That"s the wrong link it in the New Zealand herald
Also I have never seen a airline yet reuse accident aircraft which have fatalities from it. The registary writes them off not to be used again


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