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MH370 UPDATE: Window, seat cushion parts have washed up, Malaysia says

(CNN)Malaysia's Transport Ministry said Thursday that more plane parts have washed up on the same island as a wing part believed -- with varying degrees of certainty -- to be from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. ( More...

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Down vote because:
- It's CNN rehashing old news
- Crap like this:

"FACTBOX | Flaperon - Helps control tilt and altitude in flight"
Davon Grant 1
Malaysia reported it
Davon Grant 1
I dont understand more debree has washed up which proved to be from mh370 and ive seen other post when the door or ladder washed up which wasnt from mh370 and that still made top of post so help me understand.... i post this because 1) no one else post this 2) its more wreckage found 3) its informative
Davon Grant 1
Wow thumbs down!? And for what. Its a good post jeez
Torsten Hoff 2
People downvote if the information has already been posted.
...are you here for accolades or to help keep people informed??
linbb 1
Are you just making a comment about nothing that is confirmed like the article is???????


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