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9/11 anniversary: How has terrorism changed in the past 14 years?

In the 14 years since the 9/11 attacks, the face of terrorism has changed out of recognition. To many experts, the threat of Islamist terror is in some ways greater and in some ways diminished. It is geographically more diverse and organizationally more divided, and leverages social media and the internet in a way impossible in 2001. In the West, Islamist terrorism is often more inspired than organized and directed. Its menace is also more fluid and unpredictable than it was on that bright… ( Daha Fazlası...

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I was there on that lovely morning on the Brooklyn Bridge and witness with shock and dis belief watching the first aircraft hit world trade center one explode at 08.46am my God I could not believe my eye's I was on my way to work in 52nd street but could not get there many people were crying running all over the place looking up at WTC one with many fire appliances rushing into the area and police cars ambulances. I have photo's of that terrible moment back then. I headed back across the bridge to Brooklyn to my apartment looking at the event unfold it sent shivers all over my skin. RIP to the 3000 lost very loved souls. 9/11/2001
matt jensen 2
We had just dropped off friends at KMSO at 0600 MDT. Less than an hour later a ground stop was in place and we had to return to the airport to pick them up. We drove to KSLC later that day and were amazed that the normally crowded skies, were not.
united742 1
I has just boarded a flight from KATL heading to KJFK on UAL when the had shut down the airspace so all flights were cancelled. Many people were looking at the big screens in the departure lounge crying in shock on there phones calling people in NYC most of the air crew's felt silent in watching what had happened. There were many police officers and army here at Atlanta with Automatic rifle weapons searching looking at everyone. We were told by the Captain on this 737 flight there had being a terrorist attack in New York and that the airspace has being ordered such down ordered by the President Bush. Man what a shocking thing to happen.


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