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Open door forces passenger plane to turn back

(CNN)A passenger plane carrying 163 people was forced to turn back 40 minutes into the flight after it was discovered one of the plane's doors was not completely shut. The flight, operated by low-cost Korean Air subsidiary Jin Air, left Cebu in the Philippines on Sunday, bound for Busan in South Korea. ( Daha Fazlası...

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sparkie624 5
Something does not sound right here.... If they had that much of a gap there would have been a sequel long before being 40 minutes airborne.... This being a 737-800 (NG Aircraft) there would have door warnings, and not to mention a very loud noise... This being found 40 minutes out is either someone not paying attention or a seal blew out... Either way, it is a plug door and would not have come out, the a/c could have continued safely with no problems.... The DOOR could not in anyway shape or form have come out of the aircraft... The comment that no injuries were reported... Give me a break.. It says they turned back and made a successful landing... Why would we suspect anything else...

As usual, I guess the US is not the only ones looking for crap on a slow news days... We just had a plane to make an air turn back due to a similar issue, but it was because of a door seal and they could not pressurize the plane.. DUH..
Highflyer1950 5
I guess somebody finally figured out what that loud whistling noise was!
s2v8377 3
Great comments from other members below :)

I don't get why the CNN reporter made this such a dramatic situation. The media is unbelievable!!!
Tim Marks 4
CNN is not quite up to the same standards as The Sun, The Enquirer or most of the other sensationalized rags out there, but they are getting closer each newscast!
ADXbear 2
Good job to those flight attendants, that training really paid off... hehehe
sparkie624 2
Yeah... But what happened in the cockpit.. LOL, Lack of training.. They should have noticed something with that kind of gap.... Lack of training all the way around, ground crew and flight crew.
James Simms 2
""Please wait until the plane comes to a complete halt before departing the aircraft. Please do not get up all at once."
Ric Wernicke 1
Doesn't a recorded voice announce "The Door is ajar?"
sparkie624 1
No, that is only in cheap foreign cars.
Ric Wernicke 1
Ahh, I confused cheap foreign cars with a cheap foreign airline!
but wasn't that Chrysler ;)
joel wiley 1
From AVHerald:
japanjeff 2
Huh, flightaware link didn't work for me.
joel wiley 1
Just verified it works from site in Calif. Something blocking it on your end?
japanjeff 2
The page loads, but it displays this message: "FlightAware couldn't find flight tracking data for HL-7555 just yet. The link you have is for a specific flight on a specific date and airport pair. Click here to track the most recent flight for HL-7555."

When I click "Click here", it goes to a different URL but shows the same message.
jmilleratp 1
We had a similar kind of thing happen. The seal on the service door got caught up a bit and didn't seal fully. So, there was a whistling noise. As a precaution, we kept our altitude lower on our fairly short flight, landed just fine, and had it worked on after we got there.
Paul Smith 1
This Korean Air subsidiary did an inspection after landing and found a package of Macadamia nuts in the door!

Seriously, it seems that they found the problem at 10,000 feet. That should be just a few minutes after takeoff, unless the density altitude was 500,000 feet. Did they have to burn off/dump fuel to get to landing weight?
Torsten Hoff 1
So THAT is what that light is for...
Tim Marks 1
Copilot - 'what is that light for?', Pilot - 'it's just a nuisance indicator, it's on all the time', Copilot - 'but it says the doors are not all closed', Pilot - 'ignore it, we will get it fixed when we get home'. Someone should really check to see if this or a similar conversation happened before leaving to fly across that big pond between Cebu and Busan. There were 3 people responsible for ensuring the doors were closed and secured, it is likely the cabin steward will be held responsible for an air turnback.
CaptainFreedom 2
lol it's always an indication error, isn't it? :)
sparkie624 1
That is what the SWA Captain said on the FDR just before take off when she had to make an air turn back, only to find that the Aft Cargo door was never closed... The captain said "It is only an indication error, we will have maintenance to look at it at the next base."
Tim Marks 1
If it is not on the MEL and is only a 'minor' item - a nuisance indicator - on the PFCL they are good to go right? Can't be delaying or cancelling a flight due to something as trivial as an indicator lamp...:) I only fly on carriers registered in the US, Canada, Europe or Japan - everyone else can be a gamble that you make it to the other end of the flight without becoming a statistic.
chalet 1
Lousy airline


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