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MH370: Likely piece of doomed plane found

A piece of wreckage from a Boeing 777 -- likely from MH370 -- was found washed ashore over the weekend on the coast of Mozambique, a U.S. official told CNN on Wednesday. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Jim Lynch 8
Hey, wake me up when you know something for sure. This "might be" and "could be" nonsense has been going on for two years now and I am sure we are all fed up with poor-to-mediocre journalists filling pages with suppositions. Get the hell out of my face and do your jobs properly.
william baker -1
The Whole fact is they know where this plane is. They are just out wasting money trying to find something that is laying under there feet. It took what 3 days to find any sign of Air France 447 in the middle of the Atlantic but yet they can't even find more then one piece of MH370. I am with you thou this is become stupid. We hear daily oh we may have found MH370 then a day later is looks nope that's not the plane. Just get over it already and find the dam plane and let the truth come out.
bbabis 1
You are correct. They know its in the Indian Ocean. Any help you can give from there would be much appreciated. They wouldn't have to "waste" so much money. There is absolutely no commonality between MH370 and AF447 outside of being water crashes. Searchers had a very good idea where to start looking for AF447 and it pancaked into the water leaving large pieces of wreckage. They also had very good known hits on the black boxes before losing the signal. It then took 2 years to recover them. MH370 may have crashed more like SA111 except tracking signals from SA111 were lost 6 min prior to impact instead of 6+ hrs for MH370 and the search area was easy and quick to get to. SA111 broke into millions of little pieces with the largest being the engine cores and main gear. Few pieces drifted to shores. If this happened to MH370, searchers really aren't doing too bad after just two years considering the remote possible location.
Ric Wernicke 1
When they launch a Minuteman from Vandenberg to Kwajalein some 4800 miles it lands close enough that a guy in dingy can row out and fish it out of the bay. That is because a mathematician has calculated a "hole in the sky" that the rocket pushes the payload through on the way up.

Why can't a mathematician use the known flight data for MH170 to calculate where is the "hole?" Once that is known the landing area can be easily determined.

I worry that funding will be withdrawn from the search because "we looked everywhere."

I am not sure how much the US has contributed to the search, but it is not enough until the plane is found and the reason it is missing is found.

Closure for the families of the missing is important, but also to protect the thousands who fly the 777 daily if there is a way to prevent a similar disaster.
Martin Haisman 1
Because the Kwajalein area is covered by visual and probably spy satellites and multiple radar and a Minuteman missile reaches up to 700 miles high and coming down is practicably vertical. MH370 was around 6.25 miles level flight before an unknown end of flight scenario. The US has contributed resources such as US Navy towed pinger locator, FBI, NTSB and of course Boeing. As per ICAO Annex 13 its in Australia's territory and Malaysia's ultimate responsibility.

ICAO requirements also mean any state of manufacture is required to help, as are requested parts manufacturers. Most major world Accident Investigation organisations offer assistance and Interpol and the FBI etc are also interlinked. We are all hopeful they can find 9M-MRO soon but if not the search will end when the current area is completed as there is no further information that could contribute to finding it.
joel wiley 1
Could you expand on who you believe the 'they' are who know where the plane is?
bbabis 3
I wonder if there are many people such as Mr. Gibson constantly patrolling the vast areas that wreckage could drift to. Along with finding the pieces in the first place, having an approximate time of arrival at the location would greatly help the ocean current drift experts. As I said early on in the MH370 loss, its not as much us finding MH370, its how long until MH370 finds us.
This is the first picture the piece I found. Text in French:
Mike Dryden 3
Gotta love the MSM aviation reporting. My favourite line:
"An aviation source said there was no record of any Boeing 777 missing other than..."
Good to know that airlines don't go around misplacing their planes and stay quiet about it. I tend to agree with Jim.
Peter Ashby 1
More pieces of MH370 found. Almost certain that the aircraft did go down somewhere in the Indian Ocean. So even if the Authorities recover the main wreckage and hopefully both Flight recorders, will any data/voice patterns be available after all this time (2 years)?Is the question now why did the aircraft go down?
joel wiley 1
"Almost certain that the aircraft did go down....". After this long, that is certain. Beyond that it is speculation. The multimillion dollar SWAG is the SIO. Other guesses vary. Til conlusive verification the piece came off MH370, it's still grain-o-salt time.
I'd say probably it ran out of fuel.
Martin Haisman 3
Considering the satellite pings match with EOF fuel exhaustion scenarios, fuel uplifted and the final ACARS broadcast its probable.
Martin Haisman 3
By final ACARS broadcast I mean the broadcast before ACARS stopped in the initial flight sequence.
Martin Haisman 1
Flight recorders usually last way past the minimum specifications as long as the casing has not been compromised. If the SSFDR is retrievable I would be confident of retrieving data after 3 or more years and it covers a minimum of 25 hours flight time. The SSCVR only loops about 2 hours. We would hope there would be discernible human noises in the last loop. We would also hope there would still be identifiable human remains/DNA in the cockpit wreckage if accessible.
Peter Ashby 1
Thanks for the detailed information, lets hope something is found and can be evaluated.
Jim Newton 1
If they ever do find the FDR/CVR, we will know the answers.
James Troy 1
Modern cockpit/flight data voice recorders only cover the last 2 hours of conversation and flight data so even if they are found, due to the the extended 4 to 6 hours flight, they will probably not yield much information if they were working at all.
da dawson -3
Guangzhou b=Baiyun International airport is where flight tracker says it landed. Nowhere near destination in Peking; nowhere near the Indian Ocean. Still no concrete evidence it crashed at all. By now, pieces of it could be planted on the freakin moon.
Martin Haisman 2
Might want to keep of the Marley for a while.
James Troy 1
I seriously doubt it's part of a vertical stabilizer. Wolfgang's picture link (below) clearly shows a "NO STEP" stencil on the piece. Probably a flap or slat piece
Typical CNN idiot.
Colin Seftel 1
Maybe CNN updated the article - it says horizontal, not vertical stabilizer.
Interesting that the parts that have been found are easily removed and replaced on an otherwise intact airframe that carried some unnamed cargo and a trove of technical minds.
bbabis 2
Have we seen the same pictures? They are more fractured and torn as from In flight breakup and/or high speed impact. I'm sure though that as the experts learn more we will also.
Colin Seftel 1
It's been reported that this debris was found by American investigator Blaine Gibson. See
Martin Haisman 1
Let wait for the expert investigators before we get exited.
D Edwards 0
echos747jet -2
well given the fact the plane has broken up in mid air and can spread miles over the ocean i have doubt always it was on land or in dense jungle area's.

Lets take a few points here FLIGHTAWARE members who can remember the Space shuttle Columbia which blew up and many parts of the craft never found years later some wreckage came a shore and was found this could have resulted in the B777 doing the same thing.
The reporting of the first sighting by a Kiwi oil rigger out there in the Indian ocean we cannot discount this as he states he sore a orange red fire ball falling from the skies over the Indian ocean. If this was the case of a catastrophic failure of course this would show the self destruction of the aircraft coming apart while on the way down to the sea. But pieces never recovered.?? However it's only now there are bits and pieces of the wreckage turning up but miles away from the last reported location or altitude of this aircraft. It would be hard to say iof this was part of this B777 being in the water for two years now would have corroded the complete aircraft. But lets see what they turn up.
Torsten Hoff 3
>> well given the fact the plane has broken up in mid air

And you know this how?
Martin Haisman 2
No comparisons with the above incidents and the kiwi oil worker was out of sight of the flight path and the aircraft would have had to broken up in the South China sea wreckage everywhere.

The Satellite tracking is to the Southern Indian ocean with end of flight calculations in simulators and Boeing expertise indicating fuel exhaustion, with marries with pings (handshakes) and sunken/submerged wreckage, in a complex ocean are of circular currents, storm cells and variable weather. Nothing at all is indicative of a mid air disintegration, everything point towards unlawful interference/skyjack.
Paul Lupa 1
"... in a complex ocean area of circular currents..." drop by the web site "" and just marvel at the wind, waves, and currents. Ok, the web site is not directly related to aviation (but does have the winds aloft) but it is a mesmerizing animation.
Martin Haisman 1
A couple relating the MH370 and 777 general composition

Aluminium: majority of structure including a lightweight 7055 alloy used on the upper wing skin and stringers
Carbon fibre & carbon fibre reinforced plastic: used on portions of the tail including the tailfin and elevators, wing trailing edge control surfaces, engine nacelles, landing gear doors
Hybrid composites: floor beams, flap track fairings, and wing/fuselage junction fairings
Composites account for 9% of structural weight, including
Glass fibre: nose radome, engine pylon parts, portions of the wings and tail
And of course the heavy stuff landing gear etc.
oowmmr -2
That's great MH370 hasn't been lost to history yet, people still think about it..."Hey what's that? Could it be from that lost airliner??" If they only knew.


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