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UPS Boeing 747-400 over Pacific on May 16th 2016, engine oil leak

A UPS Boeing 747-400, registration N583UP (AeroInside lists zero other incidents up until today for the same aircraft, while the same airline UPS is currenty listed in 26 other reports) performing flight 5X-63 from Hong Kong (China) to Anchorage,AK (USA), was enroute over the Pacific Ocean when the crew observed a slow oil leak from engine #2 (CF6, inboard left). When the remaining oil quantity dropped to one quart the crew shut the engine down and continued to Anchorage maintaining routine… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Jim Murray 3
It's said any port in a storm. American airplanes fly over Siberia every day en route to, say, Chicago. What's wrong with Vladivostok? Your old Cold War is over.
Victor Engel 1
Meh - where was the problem first noticed? The article says over the Pacific. That's a big place. With 2.5 hours of flight time, Anchorage was certainly much closer than Vladivostok from the point where the engine was shut down. Does a 747 have trouble flying on only 3 engines? I think not, particularly when a significant portion of fuel being burned lightens the load.
Shenghao Han 2
When you have 4 engines, you don't mind losing one.
30west 1
Personally, I hate to lose one no mater how many attached to the jet. Lost one on a three-engine (B-727 and DA-50, once on each) a couple of times, never on a four-engine (Dash 8). Much less of an issue than on twins and, needless to say, on a single.
matt jensen 1
Yeah, they don't turn around and land after losing one engine
Turn around and land where?

If they were that far out into the Pacific, the closest suitable airports would have been Sapporo, Tokyo (Narita or Haneda), Kansai, or continue on to Anchorage. There's nothing else in between there, and it's farther to get to Seoul than any of the airports in Japan, and there's no way in hell they'd get into Russian airspace to land at Vladivostok, especially being that close to DPRK. PANC was their best option.


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