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Beautiful Video of Embraer's 190 E2 First Flight

After flying several times over the last year on E175, and along with this video, I can... say I am now happier to see a Embraer Regional 175 series over an mainline aircraft. Outside of a wide body. The 170 line blows away all single aisle aircraft from Boeing or Airbus. Time to catch up with the little guys ! (www.youtube.com) Daha Fazlası...

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Highflyer1950 2
If you are comparing, I think the only good thing about the intro of the 170/175, 190/195 is they ride a lot smoother than the Bus/Boeing, they just don't perform as well. It will be interesting as to see where the C100/300 fit in!
Scott Campbell 2
I heard initially that the E170's that US Airways flew had some service issues - but I was referring just to the cabin comfort, window size, and room in the cabin. From a passenger perspective I'm fine with Airbus 320 series, but the dreaded 37 800's and 900's are the most uncomfortable aircraft flown, and I've heard that with Max fuel and weight the 900's often have to wait for fuel burn to climb to a preferred flight level
Scott Campbell 3
I'm sure the majority of the thumbs down have never set foot in an ERJ-175
And as a pilot who can thumbs down the video ?
It wasn't an Anti Boeing or Airbus statement, just an observation from actually riding all 3
manufactures, in the back, middle and up front. I thought this was a site for pilots, enthusiasts, and av geeks or engineers, but increasingly its as political as anywhere.
bentwing60 0
Sad but true observation, the site has been consumed by the window seat, merit badge crowd and won't be salvaged judging by the lack of comments and posts worthy of a comment. Nice video though!
Highflyer1950 1
Did they increase the baggae volume, because most of the time it doesn't all fit. The EMB 195 is slightly larger, however both aircraft are considerably slower than the competition.
Scott Campbell 1
Not sure on the 170 but the 175 and above have full size overheads compartments


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