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Sisters booted from Allegiant flight, miss dying father's last moments

DeLAND, Fla. - Two sisters said they were humiliated after Allegiant Air kicked them off their flight claiming they were a threat. "I just wanted to see my dad," said Debbie Hartman, who, along with her sister, Trisha Baker, missed being with their father for his final moments. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Highflyer1950 7
Well, If the airplane was taxiing out to the runway, why is it that you had your cell phone on in the first place. Second, " any" disruption during this phase of the flight is going to draw negative attention from the operating crew. Third, you are both going to the same place, why not wait until the aircraft is airborne, the seat belt sign turned off and then go back to your sister. Better yet, just hit the flight attendant call button, explain the circumstance and your intentions and then follow the F/A's instructions. The crew may even be have been able to seat you together after departure. Sometimes, you should take a deep breath and think about your actions.
linbb 4
Some people think they are entitled to do anything they want just because they need to now. Both were older women not some 18 year old ditzy girl with a cell phone.

A little understanding from the women would have gone a long ways. Ran into people over the years at auto accident scenes that though just because of who I am I have a right to put others at risk.
MH370 3
Now we hear that one of them was smoking as well. Better get all the facts...
MH370 0
That sister had her cell phone on and it wasn't in airplane mode if she received a text. Another Federal Air Reg violation.
linbb 2
Called my ex wife about two years ago to see how it was going as she was going to Aussie land. Said just great, asked when her plane was leaving LAX, said it had left and she was on it. Great using your phone while in the air.........................
matt jensen -1
Allegiant doesn't care


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