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Hawaiian Air passenger to pay almost $100K

A man who disrupted a Hawaiian Airlines flight must pay the airline nearly $100,000, a federal judge ruled. ( Daha Fazlası...

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bigkahuna400 19
Serves him right....Should have gotten the entire bill.
As if this mope is going to write a check?
Tom Pera 15
yep...airlines should do more of this and broadcast far and wide
joel wiley 9
Nor does it include the judgements in small claims court in cases filed by fellow passengers.
Elliot Cannon 2
How is someone that drunk allowed on an airliner anyway?
AWAAlum 1
Interesting. High time these people are made to bear the consequences of this kind of behavior. Hopefully, it will give others something to consider before going off the deep end.
William Dickey 1
I hope he is also getting treatment for his alcohol problem. Going berserk when drunk and not remembering what happened is not normal...
Syed Saifus Zoha -7
The figures $100,000 is incorrect. He will have to pay $97,817 for reimbursement of Hawaiian Airlines’ costs for turning the jet around — including fuel, maintenance, ground crew, replacement flight crew, landing fee and re-catering.
No matter he deserved it and have got the right pubishment on him. Hope this never repaets again.
Link :
AWAAlum 4
So, if it's "No matter he deserved it..." why did you post it‽
Peter Achs 6
Did you not catch the words "almost" and "nearly"?
Syed Saifus Zoha -3
But exact is exact, always.
joel wiley 5
ex·act 1. adjective not approximated in any way; precise.
2. verb demand and obtain (something, especially a payment) from someone
al·most 1. adjective not quite; very nearly
near·ly 1. adjective very close to; almost.

Headline used 'almost', storyline used 'nearly'. Exact is only used in your comment which doesn't seem to pertain to the story.

However, there will be a question as to whether anyone will 'exact (verb) the penalty from the miscreant.
ToddBaldwin3 1
Seems to me, you are taking things a bit too literally. While precision and accuracy are admirable, and something to strive for, there will be times when you will need to make a rough estimate. You'll find that sometimes an estimate, based on some "rule of thumb" will do quite nicely. Good luck in your lessons.


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