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Next steps in Boeing-Bombardier trade complaint

Department of Commerce is due next Monday to hand down its preliminary decision on whether to impose tariffs on Bombardier’s C Series sold to Delta Air Lines. ( Daha Fazlası...

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canuck44 1
This is a pretty good political analysis. What is lacking is what Delta's responsibility is to any of the proposed tariffs and whether in fact they can cancel the contract. Also if Delta set up a leasing company in Canada or any other tax haven and leased the aircraft to them selves what trade actions can be taken. They also have a big order in with Boeing for 737-900ERs which they could send a message by putting it on hold.
This whole action is a slap at Delta as much as it is at BBD and intended to send a message to all US airlines who as a group could dispense some punishment on Boeing to lower prices.
I like the idea of Delta setting up a Leasing company in Canada to take delivery of the C-Series. If the Commerce Department decides to impose tariffs on BBD's products in the U.S., I foresee the whole mess going before the WTO for adjudication. All this for a product that a customer wants, and a company (Boeing) does not offer.


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