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Finnair has begun weighing passengers

Finnair has just begun a new program where it weighs passengers before take-off to help the Finnish airline collect more accurate data about weights on its flights. Paivyt Tallqvist, director for media relations at Finnair, confirmed that the airline was weighing passengers on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Helsinki airport. ( More...

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clarify 12
Given that passengers self-select for weighing, the ultimate data could be very misleading. Only weighing everyone or getting a truly randomized sample would provide good data.
Kris Durbin 9
It's optional. You're weighed with all your carry-ons. It's a study to see how accurate the government standards are. It ends next summer once they have a large enough sample of data. No reason to freak out about precedent-setting or any other conspiracy theory.
this is actually funny! there used to be a chart used for weights and balances purposes which was used to calculate number of passengers,average bag weight,adult weight versus a child,amount of fuel needed or allocated, and any cargo etcetera..this was done before the computer set everything up and did the "paperwork" for the ground operations and the captain..i remember doing that on the smaller commuter aircraft,and you had to be acccurate..I might add also, that on the few helicopter sightseeing trips i have been on, the pilot asks you how much you weigh and seats you accordingly on the helicopter..that may have changed in recent years along with everything else!i can see it now..a Finnair agent saying,"your bag is 75 pounds, therefore, because you weigh 200, its either you or your bag"!!
eccsandiego 4
Actually the Finnish agent would say kilos... Still your scenario is extremely funny!
Kris Durbin 3
Say No to Kilo.
John Freschl 1
I recently went on a helicopter sightseeing trip in Kauai, and they weighted all passengers beforehand. Anyone over 250 lb. has to buy an additional seat.
David Rice 0
Obviously, you are not serious about "you or your bag", since bags are only loaded for those actually on-board (at least in flights originating or bound for the US).
twhiteca 5
Back in my station agent days(60's to 90's), all adults were 165 pounds and all checked bags were 24 pounds. Pretty hard to find many passengers coming in with those numbers now especially given the size and weight of carry-on.
Jim Heslop 3
Or the size and weight of the ‘waddle’ ons!
Ken McIntyre 1
Exactly. When I started, 1980, the weight for passengers was 160, jumped to 165 later. But, we carried a lot of college athletes. They averaged 195, and I figured that on our weight and balance sheet. I'll bet the average pax weight, including women, is now in the 180-190 range.
mdburd 5
Actually, I'm a big guy, 6'2 and 285.

I'm ok with this; Hell, UPS, FedEx and the USPS weigh packages, and charges more for a 50 pound box than a 5 pound one.

I should probably pay more to be "shipped" by the airline than a 4'11, 105 pound person.

Which I do: I only fly in first or business for the space and comfort of my bigger self...
Gene N 2
Ya exactly... I’ve been paying (well my clients pay) for first for many years. As a fat guy I’m less comfortable in coach, so I sit up front... no problem. I think any push back would be from fat people paying more for seats that are too snug. Rename first class to Fat class is fine by me!
E Davis 6
It's amazing that overly obese people panic at the idea of being weighed - why? It is obvious that there is a problem - why not just attack the problem?
sparkie624 -3
The reason it is Problematic is because they have no clue how much they weigh and don't want to find out or anyone else to find out... Most say it is because of being Diabetic, but for most if they just laid the spoon and fork to rest the Diabetes would take care of itself!!
joel wiley 3
They'd benefit from the 'early pushback procedure' - slide back from the table earlier.
vle1 3
Well given that the average weight of a person is more than current out of date average weight government data, there has been concern and minor and the rare major incidents that have happened with aircraft being over weight due to out dated regulators average weight data, mining company I used to work with weighed every one before boarding their aircraft because of an over weight incident, an investigation found the regulators average (in which the company was using) was so wrong and needed an overhaul. I see this as a good proactive move for everyone's safety and to get more up to date accurate weight data.
sparkie624 0
If they redo the standard weight for people and make it anywhere near correct a 70 seat aircraft will only be able to carry 35 people! Too many double and triple wides out there!