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Farts away! Plane makes unscheduled stop after man won't stop guffing

An elderly man's flatulence forced his flight to make an emergency stop after a fight broke out over his barrage of bottom burps. Passengers flying with budget Dutch airline Transavia from Dubai to Amsterdam were reportedly put out by the man's continued farting, and asked him to stop. But the man failed to hold it in, and when even a direct order from the pilot didn't take the wind out of his sails, two particularly incensed passengers took matters into their own hands. Local… ( Daha Fazlası...

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yatesd 3
Had a similar experience on an Iberia flight from Madrid to Malabo Equatorial Guinea. Not sure what the offending passenger had eaten, but the flight attendants broke open bottles of perfume from the duty free and walked the aisle spraying it down to counteract the stench.
sparkie624 2
Another version of the same article:
Brian James 2
The pilot told him to hold it in? Let's see...elderly at altitude in a pressurized do you hold it in?
Joe Boll 2
The long flight may have just got the passenger very exhausted.
I would've just ordered him to sit in the bathroom.
James Driskell 2
This whole story is a gas!
sparkie624 2
Gas powers the world.... If it were not for Gas, you would not be flying the planes!
canuck44 2
Article doesn't specify whether the guy with the colon trumpet was removed or just the two guys who thought they could beat the fragrance back into him. I can't imagine just removing the latter two and proceeding on to AMS with the polluter to reload with the pressure changes.
sparkie624 2
I can sympotize with the other passengers... LOL, some can be quite bad, but some times a when you gots to fart... you gots to fart and nothing is going to stop it!
canuck44 4
Did the High Altitude Chamber thing with five or six guys and one "flight nurse" who of course was "Hodst Lips". The guys all sat there with a shitty grins on their faces just ripping them out while the nurse lady-like was holding them in...until the pain got so intense she turned white and let to enough she could have played "Oh Canada" with it.
Highflyer1950 3
Funny stuff, did the same thing in the chamber myself.......coed lesson and it was interesting to say the least.


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