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canuck44 12
The need for an emotional support animal of any sort at this time is self-determined most often supported only by the purchase of a $35 vest with badge available online. Basically this is like a rubber stamp on the forehead that states "I am mentally ill and unable to get through life without my pet gerbil". Some are legitimate but this is most likely a minority but there are no data, no certification, no standards for either the animal or the human attached to it. Maybe if you cannot get on an aircraft without your animal, you should drive or bring family instead.
scott8733 3
For sure - big difference between an emotional support animal (typically defined as an animal the owner is too cheap to pay for carriage in the belly) and a bona-fide service animal.

Besides- there's been plenty of pax I wish I could bite- particularly the chatterbox who insists on engaging in conversation despite my noise canceling headphones showing otherwise!
Which should then mean you are eligeable for the no fly list and the no gun purchase list?
If your dog bites someone you are liable. End of story.
Frank Harvey 2
How can an "Emotional Support Animal" be expected to behave during an emergency situation such as a cabin filling with smoke or an emergency evacuation ? Will a dog's claws be covered to protect the slide ? What provision is made for the animal's breathing in a decompression ? Even a well trained animal might react poorly in an emergency. I don't want my exit impaired by a snarling, panicked, dog, and it doesn't have to be a large dog, even a terrier can bite quite tenaciously.
Torsten Hoff 6
>> "@SouthwestAir flight 1904 allows a support dog on the plane, bites kid, paramedics now on plane. Why are dogs on the plane?! Never again will I fly SWA," Rice reportedly wrote.

I guess he doesn’t know that all airlines are required to accomodate passengers traveling with support animals.
btweston 0
I guess we need to rethink some things, eh? Like, why an adult human needs to fly with a dog to feel good.

This is not a seeing eye dog. This is a pet. If I have to pick who’s wrong here I’m selecting the nut with the dog fetish over the six year old child.

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Brad Littlejohn 17
Again, this is completely and totally WRONG. The Airlines have every right to question the validity of an Emotional Support Animal. They can, by law, ask for the paperwork showing that the animal is an ESA, that the person requires the animal, and that the person needing the animal has documentation backing that up by a physician treating them, must be on official letterhead of that physician, and that documentation must be less than 1 year old.

All of that is listed and codified law, in the Air Carrier Access Act. You should read up on that before spreading around something completely untrue.
WhiteKnight77 1
The girl was repeatedly told to not mess with the dog. Neither the girl, or her parents, paid any mind to the warnings. The girl deserved to be bit if she cannot obey a simple command to not do something and that shows the parents need to be more mindful of what their daughter is doing, especially in a small space. Sadly, the man had to take a later flight instead of the girl and her parents.
Bernie20910 1
She wasn't even actually "bit", at least not in the way most people think when they hear the word. The reports say a tooth "scraped" her.
Pscraig3 2
Sorry, this "emotional support animal" trend is out of control. While I do really feel for the dog, if it is not trained to not bite then it should be in a kennel. Just because YOU need your animal on board doesn't mean it SHOULD be on board. This is public transportation in a highly stressful and confined space, so think of what you are doing to your untrained emotional support animal when you consider flying with it.
qfa069 2
I'm on the dog's side. I wish I could bite people who annoy me.


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