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Plane Crash kills Pilot and 3 Family Members

Very sad story. My condolences to the family members ( Daha Fazlası...

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Jim Quinn 14
Why all the sordid details about their personal life? Not necessary for this story.
Chris Bryant 4
Like the song says, "We love dirty laundry."
James Simms 1
ken young 2
The story is courtesy of the NY Daily News.
Are you now still surpised?
The DN is a rag for simpletons
bbabis 9
Not sure what must have been so pressing at the time that one would take a Navajo into thunderstorms. R.I.P.
John Grasso 3
FLight Aware is showing he was flying VFR. It was clearly an IFR day.
Same old story, quickest way to re-kit a plane is fly it thru a T-storm.....
Graeme Smith 1
They departed KUUU - Newport where I am tied down - and were regular visitors. Got to be assured about the work the NTSB put into looking into this sort of thing. Multiple checks with witnesses or potential witnesses about their departure. And though everyone is pretty sure they did not use our self-serve fuel - it has been subject to extra scrutiny and sampling to make sure the fuel is clean. (Not suggesting that this was a dirty fuel incident - just illustrating the checks made to eliminate the possibility).

"Thunderstorms moving through area at the time'. Tell me when they are NOT around here in the summer. Now I accept that they can be very localized and me sitting in Newport would not know what was happening in East Hampton - but the TS were very scattered that day and strongest in intensity to the north, moving south and weakening by the time they got to the coast. Factor? I'll let the NTSB dig through that.
John Grasso 3
If you go in the preliminary report, they show a screenshot of the weather radar. It was plastered with T storms and lightning strikes. The up and down drafts could have been incredible. Not sure if accurate but take a look
Richard Orgill -3
I agree w/ Jim you could have found a much better article to post on the crash. Might as well get my news from the National Enquirer after reading about what "others" consider their personal lives.

What a total trash article, very disappointed by Flight Aware for posting it.
btweston 11
FlightAware doesn’t post the news storie.
Dan Grelinger 4
FlightAware decides which user squawks are published in their weekly email....
btweston 1
The other articles i've seen about this story also seems mired in digging up of personal history..lack of details at this stage i'm afraid..
I expect nothing less from MSN - the source of the article.
Jesse Carroll -1
FAKE NEWS....who cares about the portly predator? They are all dead now due to somebody or something went wrong!
Enough said FA!
Dan Grelinger 1
Fake News? Sounds like you don't know what that means. Fake news is NOT the facts you don't want to hear. Fake news is fiction presented as fact.
Dan Grelinger 1
Fake News? Sounds like you don't know what that means. Fake news is NOT the facts you don't want to hear. Fake news is fiction presented as fact.


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