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Ryan Air Flight's Dramatic High Wind Take Off in Ireland

High winds in Ireland characterized by Ryan Air as "normal" resulted in a very dramatic cross wind take off as one of their aircraft struggled to lift off, thankfully successfully, as a result of some very skillful piloting. ( More...

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jaymeinen 3
It wouldn’t have been quite so dramatic if he had given some crosswind correction during takeoff. I saw no aileron input until rotation. I’ll bet he never flew a taildragger.
sparkie624 4
He was almost flying a "Tail Dragger" :)
JetDoc66 1
Airliners have aileron defection limits for crosswind takeoffs due to deploying the roll spoilers which in turn increases drag. My current aircraft has a limit of 4 degrees of deflection prior to lift off in crosswind conditions.
jaymeinen 1
He had zero correction. He needed some.
Jay M 727, 737, 757, 767, 787 MD80
Kevin Haiduk 1
It's hard to tell from the video however it looks as if the aircraft was just about out of runway on lift off.
sparkie624 1
Was noticing the same thing...
bartmiller 1
A careful look shows that it’s just a rise in the runway, so it appears like it’s the end.
ToddBaldwin3 1
I have experienced some "solid" arrivals, but that's a solid departure.
sparkie624 1
I think he is going to need some new main tires at his destination and may a couple main landing gear inspections for undue side loads on the gear as per ATA 05-51-32 I believe!
bartmiller 1
Anyone know the runway heading and the wind?
Roy Talbot -2
Great job by the pilot but when did they move Birmingham to Ireland - Part of Brexit
djames225 2
Where did it say anything about this aircraft leaving Birmingham Ireland??
jptq63 1
I would have thought Alabama.... :-)


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