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More than 1,000 flights cancelled or delayed as snow storm threatens much of US

More than a 1,000 flights have been canceled or delayed in anticipation of snow and icy conditions Tuesday, as a winter storm threatens the Midwest, the South and the East Coast of the United States. ( Daha Fazlası...

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scott8733 5
I used to say "it's colder than a well digger's rear end in Alaska".

I'm going to adjust the phrase to "it's colder than a ramper's rear end at O'Hare".
matt jensen 2
How much snow did ORD-MDW actualy receive? I left YZF for DVK yesterday morning it was -32C and we were on time. My continuing flight to YRB has been delayed due to colder weather. Go figure....
They did not get as much snow as we got out here NW of the City, however, it was the severe cold that raised concerns. Currently it is -17°F there with wind chills of -25° to -45° It's a balmy -14° here at home and little wind so far. Blowing snow from the fields were a concern the last 3 days.

And to keep this on topic, the Cessna's did not fly yesterday at all, however they are enroute to MCW this morning.
matt jensen 1
We flew in an AT43/45 here this morning -41C. And this is the warmest day of week. Won't get above freezing until late-Feb maybe.
meghji patel 1
Did we get snow at ORD
Dean Brossman -6
Remember when they cancelled flights because of an actual snowstorm? Now they just cancel the lower yield flights in "anticipation" of a snowstorm. This is a real profit booster for the airlines. They don't have to compensate fliers because it is weather related and they don't have the expense of operating the flights.
Daniel Baker 8
Canceling flight is certainly not a "profit booster" for airlines. If they would've cancelled the flights due to weather anyway, it's the exact same end result.

Airlines have gotten much better at predicting the impact and resetting expectations. When was the last time you saw news footage of thousands of people sleeping in an airport due to last minute cancellations?
I commented earlier how cold it was in this region. This morning at 0400, it was -29° with a wind chill of -59°. And those conditions were all over the region, including Chicago.

Not only did most of the vehicles in town not start, but the Municipal equipment operating this morning to move and clear snow were experiencing a lot of problems once they go out of the heated garage.

Truckers are being told on the Interstate that it could be Thursday before anyone could respond.

There is no US Postal Service delivery in Minnesota and Iowa.

So I imagine that ramp tugs and other vehicles that support aircraft on the ground would suffer the same kinds of issues.
Dean Brossman -4
Too many times I have seen hundreds of flights cancelled in anticipation and no storm materialize. I have been booked on flights cancelled for "anticipated" weather and had to find my own way home because the airline only said to try and stand by for later flights. If this was not a "profit Booster", why would the airlines do it. You cannot say it is because they care about the customer. Do you know what it costs to operate an airliner, fuel, LLP burn, MX cost? It is in the tens of thousands of dollars per hour, depending on model. The more time the aircraft spend on the ground with all revenue already in their pockets, the better. Because the flight is cancelled because of weather, the airline has no requirement to get the customer to their destination in any time frame and they are not required to refund tickets. They get to keep your money and you get to stand by and see if you can get on a later flight. Even if the weather never materializes.
As far as the last time I saw people trapped in an airport was last winter in Denver, when a storm became more than forecasted.
David Sims 6
They do it because of the Tarmac Delay Law. That is when it all changed. It is way too expensive of a fine if they have passengers get stuck on the ground for more than 3 hours now. The other problem in the upper Midwest such as MSP and ORD is the extreme cold temps are affecting ground equipment and personnel.
Larry Toler 4
It wasn't a profit booster while I was aircrew and delayed or cancelled due to weather. Crews still had to be on or near our aircraft. Maintenance still had to be present. Also, just because the weather may be fibe where you are starting from probably isn't the same for either your connection or destination. Would you rather be in the terminal for a long delay or stuck in a metal tube on the ramp or taxiway no where near the gate only to have the crew time out and have to go home. It's better to err on the side of caution than have a real emergency.
Dean Brossman -2
OK, One more try. If you sold 100 seats at $400 per that is $40,000 in revenue. If, for example only, all in cost to operate a flight is $38,000, then you have a margin of $2,000 to operate the flight. If you cancel it for weather, there is $0 additional cost, you still have the overhead costs of labor and support equip, but you have avoided the fuel and per hour/cycle cost of operating the aircraft. So, for example only, the fuel was 1,000 gal @ 1.83 or $1,830 and the per cycle cost is $1,400 and landing fee is $200. The airline avoided spending $3,630. The passengers are accommodated on later flight in empty seats, so no real cost to the airline. How is that not a profit booster?


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