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Sex Flights Gets Grounded By The Civil Aviation Authority

United Kingdom's aviation regulator body the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has refused to recertify Mile High Flights, an air charter company located in Gloucestershire, a county in South West England for allowing its passengers to have sex while in-flight. The Mile High Club (or MHC) is a slang term applied collectively to individuals who have sex ( Daha Fazlası...

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Toby Sharp 1
Interesting to say the least
Joel Rodriguez 1
There goes my vacation....
Toby Sharp 1
FlyMatt2Bermuda 1
I'm all in!
FlyMatt2Bermuda 1
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99NY 1
"When airborne the pilot will inform the passengers when it is safe to engage in sex."

Haha, all I can think of is the "no humping" sign from Airplane! being switched off...
Joel Rodriguez 1
lol @ FlyMatt - My vacation is back on. WooHoo! lol
Ronald Padgett 1
It's a little harder after 9/11 to get away with it, but I thought that's what international (transatlantic) flights were for.
Tommy Condon IV 1
What will they think up next lol
Ronnie Mc 1
"Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing some turbulence, oh wait, nevermind"
WillisRF 1
Governments like to stick noses into bedrooms, no matter whether at ground zero or a mile in the sky.
Kenneth Penn 1
We in the "States" have never had any "service" of this nature to my knowledge. Bollucks to the agency who is banning this fun shag in the sky. Slowly fun is being killed by regulation.
Michael Fleharty 1
If Bill Clinton was in charge, this wouldn’t have happened!!!
denis campbell 1
All the bouncing up and down could put excessive stress on the airframe. Why don't they just taxi to a remote corner of the airodrome?
Derek Edwards 1
"The CAA reported that the in-flight sexual acts were too distracting to the pilots and posed safety concerns." Are they required to have reinforced cockpit doors in the UK? ;)
Nige Lites 1
If they manage to recertify perhaps they could also offer a 'Barbarella' option to their menu, with the plane flying a few ballistic trajectories for some Zero-G fun.
Leo White 1
Passengers please be advised that the Captain has turned off the 'No &%#$ing sign."'
Mickey Graham 1
Gentelmen, we are up.Are you?
toolguy105 1
You can't do it on a plane, you can't do it on a train and in Rhode Island a married couple naked in bed must keep the windows closed in a rented room. What's next?
Nige Lites 1
...and in Rhode Island...
What about an unmarried couple, can they open the window...
tdragger 1
Guaranteed way for any airplane charter service to make a fortune flying! My own personal ambition--to provide the service!
mrdedwalker 1
lol @ Michael Fleharty
If Bill was involved it would have been in a cigar shaped plane . . A Connie maybe? Just imnagine the pilots announcement "Gentelman - you may now use place your connie on your cigar . ."

adeniyi adepoju 1
I have got a dream but it is being dashed by regulation, what a world?
Art Troutman 1
"This is your captain speaking! Please turn off any electronic devices - and turn on your fellow passenger!"


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