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Airline adds baby seat map to help passengers avoid infants

Few things can make a trans-Pacific flight more unpleasant than sitting next to a crying infant, so one airline wants to help passengers avoid that. ( More...

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scott8733 31
Now, if only the airlines could have an interactive map for drunk pax who stink like stale smoke......
The problem is the parents who let their children run and kick the front seat, i allways tell parents stop your children now
hbowton 26
And I'm guessing most of those parents look at you like "You monster!! How dare you criticize my precious pudding who can do no wrong?" I have sympathy for parents who are really trying and the kid's just having a meltdown and I think most passengers do, but I have zero for parents who just pop in the earbuds and tune out the kid who is trying everything to get their attention. And I see that all the time. This is a great idea.
paul gilpin -8
you are wrong.
the child is not pudding.
the child is a little angel.
there is a difference.
Cole Stott 2
read the comment again, sarcasm

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Wayne Burden 24
So, you’d let your misbehaving child run around and kick the seat in front of them... and dare someone to say something to you about it... hummm... sounds like the real child is the one in the adult body. Please, do everyone a favor... stay home.
Mark Kanzler 15
Well, we now know where your kids get it from.
crk112 4
Control your kids and it won't be a problem now will it?
I would expect this kind of service on Japan Airlines. The comfort of ALL passengers has always been their trade mark.
Mirella Valfre 11
Well done!
More companies should follow this project
Peter McGrath 11
This topic skipped over this article in the linked story. This story, , is about a miniature HORSE riding in an aisle seat as a "service animal". What the heck is wrong with the airlines coddling to the stupid stunts these people pull? Imagine trying to get out of a burning or smoke-filled jet around a panicked, terrified HORSE? Imagine a flight crew trying to get a HORSE down the evacuation slide and it landing on grandmama! The whole service animal thing has been abused to the point that they should just tell people, "Yeah, you need to drive to where you're going!"
Mark Kanzler 3
At least if you end up swimming to a deserted island, you'll have something to eat.
Mike Williams 1
Human veal or horse fritters!
James Werner 11
Now, if they can launch a drunk map and an obnoxious adult map, we'd really be getting somewhere.
Jeff Phipps 10
Great idea but it only works when you book after the baby.
JAL should take it a step further and put all the babies and children in a segregated section of the plane. Let them all make each other miserable and leave the rest of the passengers in peace.
What about the flight attendants ? are they left to babysit the " brats " as well as the well behaved ?
Judy Guffey 8
On recent (short.....5+ hours ) rt flights I prayed for an over-18 airline. Both ways we had screaming ( not crying) screaming children across the longer than 6 hours we fly Business class to avoid the toddlers whose parents are oblivious to the noise being made. Do I hate children? No. I raised six and traveled extensively by plane with them. They knew what was expected of them on a plane.
Eric Schmaltz 5
I'm amazed at all the adults here that were perfect little cry free angels when they were little. Kids cry. Their ears hurt, their in an unfamiliar scary place. There are strangers all around. Get over yourselves. YouTube is full of videos of adults acting much worse.
s s 9
Never fails to amaze me that babies and small children are enemy number one on planes. I'd much rather sit next to a screaming kid than some vapid twits who spend the flight trimming their nails and doing their makeup, taking off their shoes and rubbing their smelly feet all over anything, threatening to sue the airline and cursing for hours because their food was wrong or they didn't get bumped up to business class, or fall asleep on your shoulder the minute the wheels leave the ground and don't wake up until landing. Give me a map to avoid that.
I'm afraid that map will exclude airplanes altogether. At least the entire economy cabin of commercial carriers. You are always within at most two seats of something that simply should not happen on planes.
John Maslin 6
Better idea would be to have designated seating for passengers with young children and babies. Recently travelled on a plane with a crying baby next to me for most of the four hour flight.
Isn't that how it was done back when smoking was allowed, but limited? Known designated smoking seating?
Completely agree. Also, agree with comments by s.s.
Kobe Hunte 3
Good idea!
NJVixen 3
This is Fantastic news as I’m traveling on an airplane every few weeks! Thank you! The Airline Gods are listening 🙏🏻👍🏻😁
Keith Bodine 6
How about a map for "service" animals?
free parental chloroform packets ??
Franco Prizzi 1
American tape ?
jena weber 2
It is awesome guys!! Completely agreed
greg mu 2
AirAsia X A330's have a section between business & the back of the plane where children under 12 are not permitted...very nice & a not unreasonable premium on the fare.....About 54 seats in the planes i've been on.
I’m hapoy to see I’m not the only one who’s concerned about seating assignments next to babies. Their discomfort while flying is problematic and can’t always be remedied with a toy, bottle, or pacifier. Ive been a traveler next to, in back of, across from a baby/toddler. It doesn’t always contribute to a comfortable trip. I feel sorry for passengers who must endure it for hours on end, but relieved when it’s not me. So thankful for creation of baby seating maps.
jenmac18 3
The best thing to do is not allow anyone under the age of 16 on the plane. I would totally pay extra for that
NJVixen 4
Or airlines should offer 18 an older flights! Period! !
Mike Dryden -5
Or a return to the 'good old days' when there were men only flights? I kid you not - they were a thing.
sharon bias 2
How about being proactive? Can the airlines stock pacifiers on the planes? I saw them offered at 2 for 95 cents? The weight is nothing and the manufacture might give them away if they can put their logo on an item in every plane in the US. Also, many parents swear by this 2 minute YouTube video: on how to quiet a baby. Difficult toddlers are a whole different issue, and often the parents are at fault.
George Reeve 1
This is great idea especially after just being on an American Airlines flight from PDX to CLT with a screaming child for 4.5 hours. Flight staff could have offered to assist but other than serving sodas etc in the first hour they never came near anyone at all they were in the back just chatting, They could have responded and assisted the mother or offered to help. Just callous and indifferent to the passengers around the child and the Mother. Despite being taken over by US Scare they still are doing nothing about the I'mm too big and don't care attitude. Passengers! who are they to be cared for after all they pay their salary.
tasmedic 1
The worst examples of the spoilt brats are found in business class. They "squeam and squeam and squeam" until they're sick! Lovely when you or your business class fellows have paid through the nose so we have a chance of sleeping before that important meeting on the other side of the world. All wrecked by one untrained toddler....
Franco Prizzi 1
that's why Jumbo is still a competitive long-haul plane: top-floor kindergarten
(hopfully led by german-swiss fly attendants)
tasmedic 2
No, AIR AFRIKAANS flight attendants.
Check youtube and you'll understand what I'm suggesting!!
Franco Prizzi 1
Funny. If i can i travel by train just to avoid them.


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