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Boeing Stock up 32%

If it up 32%, then they sure as heck dont need any bailout whatsoever.....They need to go to the banks and borrow like everyone else... ( More...

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dnorthern 7
I’m not commenting on the bailout one way or another. But the article writer has a severely misplaced concept regarding what stock value means.
Pete Templin 5
If you think they don't need a bailout, don't gripe when they do a stock buyback. They don't see the change in stock value unless they buy it back.
That's not true. If they announced that they sold 100 planes to 'x' airline, their stock would bump up.
Ric Wernicke 1
Actually Bob that would be "news" and shareholders (most of which are institutions) use news to take a profit. When more shares hit the market than buyers, the price will bump down.

Rumors like "there is bailout grant coming" will tilt the other way, and this week we see Boeing about doubling its low of 89. last Friday.

Let's look at current inventory. Boeing says 400 new units parked. Some buyers have cold feet and changed to other models. Like changing an order of 15 73MAX for 5 787's. AS of last November airlines had 650 units parked, and cancelled 200 orders. So slow your roll and stop fingering your beads because the 73MAX has orders for 5,000 units. The factories will be busy.
ed lang 8
Folks, please - political feelings aside, between MAX and COVID-19 there's a very real chance of Boeing, and hundreds of smaller aerospace suppliers, going away. Think long term about the damage to our national security that would cause. A bailout with solid conditions curbin "get rich quick" schemes from their leadership is a no-brainer.
John D 4
I don't know what will be in the final bailout for Boeing, but the President was pretty clear that buybacks are not acceptable
Robert Cowling -1
Ahh, but watch for a 'signing statement'. Under George W. Bush, Congress passed a law, and his signing statement gutted the main part of the law, making it useless. Yes, a president can still get almost exactly what he wants by using a signing statement. It's going to be interesting to see if, and what, will be attached to this.
bigkahuna400 2
I hear they requested $50 Billion from treasury
ADXbear 7
Please dont lose your own credibility by using CNN as a source..
Robert Cowling -4
Shut up.

Fox News is better? Do some research, they LIE all the time. Fake videos, fake pictures, 'news' people that inject the corporate opinion/agenda into everything. And lying pays well too. It's sick. In New York, they should close down Fox and News Corpse because they are a human health threat.
saso792 2
I hope you aren't an adult yet and are still learning how to socially interact with others. I'm not sure when you thought it became acceptable to treat others badly like you did here but for most of us, we don't go around telling others to "Shut up." Hopefully that type of behavior is not the new norm.
John D 1
I believe they did secure lending several weeks ago from major banks.
Torsten Hoff 2
They did, but that was to weather the MAX storm. That was before COVID-19 became a thing.
Ric Wernicke 1
The market is simply pricing in the inevitable, that being the virus will be suppressed, the 73Max gets off the ground, production resumes, and the government forklifts cash to Boeing. Share price is the meeting point of willing buyers and sellers. The debacle and the disaster combined to beat the share from nearly $400. down to less than $90. It closed today at about $180, and many market sages think shares will bring three Benjamins by year end.
EricKnudstrup 1
Oh, it's supposed to be a good strategy to buy big solid companies whose stock craters because they screwed up.
stratofan 1
Hey guys look, To quote Thomas Paine, "These are the times that try our souls" (Updated to be PC) We do not need to cede the market to Scarebus. Granted, Boeing may have rushed the MAX to market, but no one could forsee the COVID-19 disaster. This is a lot like post 9-11 times, so we all need to tone it down a bit and get through this.
stratofan - right on the spot.
Chris B 0
Sure of course its up with a $17 Billion bailout.

Because they spent $45 billion buying stock last year.

And they burnt up their cash reserves building 400plus aircraft they haven't sold.

New boss really wants his $7 million bonus.
A lot of things became clear when Nikki Haley resigned .


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