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Are you noticing a lot more flight activity on FlightAware?

Help us share! Are you noticing a lot more activity on FlightAware? Last night we toggled on default visibility to all detected flights (instead of just the ones that we receive flight plans for). Check your FlightAware app or see a live view by clicking the link below. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Chip Hermes 8
WAY more flights today after this change.......thx!
bartmiller 5
In the upper Midwest (Michigan. Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc), almost no airline traffic but a ton of general aviation. Easy to get an arrival reservation into KORD now.
Shad Nowak 4
Great upgrade! Nice to notice alot more flights!
Thank you!
Thank you for the heads up.
rogera1b 2
Can you specify exactly how to toggle that feature?
You don’t need to enable it
rogera1b 2
Ah, oh. I guess I misunderstood - "Last night we toggled on default visibility to all detected flights".
I want to toggle it there a way to do that please?
Not currently — what specific problem are you trying to solve?
When flights resume to more 'normal' schedules, will this additional tracking overload the viewer?
Love it. Thank you
Kevin Peek 3
Nice! While checking it out, I don't think I've noticed the shadowing before, either. A shadow was heading right towards the house. I looked up and the first thing I saw was JetBlue was right where it should be, up there at FL380 on a beautiful day here.
Can someone explain what this means please ?
Bill Fox 1
not much traffic over Ecuador, but I am seeing the Loon balloons over Peru
Ayuba Akibu 1
Flightaware,a reliable way of seaching flight.
Bill Seward 1
I noticed all the general aviation showed up, but just figured I had missed it in the midst of all the commercial stuff I see here. Thanks for turning that on. It's interesting.
gapster 1
Most interesting to me are the UA flights to/from SFO and LAX (which pass by SFO) that are 2000 series flight numbers, which I assume are special flights for cargo rather than regularly scheduled flights. Also more Chinese and Taiwanese flights, which I assume are the same. The UA flights are Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai and Amsterdam that we have seen. You can go to the UA app seat map and find the flights with only a few seats occupied, presumably by the organizers of the cargo efforts.
Not much change over here in Melbourne, Australia.
Greer Kemp 1
Excellent update. Thanks very informative.
BSka 1
Thx see now more VFR. Great update
ron baird 1
This is great!
About normal GA ops in Central Texas last couple of weeks to my VFR eyes
Yes. Fun to see all the Katana's training at KPUB.
More, more, more we need. Thanks.
Down here in South America it has come to a screeching halt.
Our local airport used to have all four boxes filled when I entered the code in the top here, and now, the bottom two are almost empty, and the top two have empty lines, so, yeah, it's a LOT less flights. Today, 6 of those flights seem to be training touch and go flights, beginning and ending here, which is very unusual, as there isn't a flight school here.

I was looking at some bigger airports yesterday, and they all are showing a lot less flights than normal. It's all over the place. Judging an uptick is going to be harder. I think, if there are 'more flights', I'd wager they are privateers and small package delivery runs. I have noticed a lot of smaller private planes buzzing around.
sharon bias 1
At 17:45 Saturday, almost all of the flights were general aviation and FedEx around Sacramento. Saw a couple of Southwest flights around SFO and LAS, and actually saw a United flight coming from Hong Kong to LAX .
Still pretty quiet around KMSP. I miss the busy skies i get to watch while delivering the mail in Bloomington.
Yep. Really cool to see the Swedish air force at play!
I have been running a FlightFeeder ADS-B since January... my eyeball stats say traffic in the Houston area (all flights) has been running about one-third of what it was before COVID-19... is there any way to download stats for our individual receivers or look further back than 30 days? The "My ADS-B" page only lets you see the last 30 days and doesn't (as far as I can tell) let you download the stats to something like an Excel CSV file or similar format.
Hi Bryan, can you contact with that question? We'll be happy to get you sorted out.
Thanks you!
I appreciate knowing, but not really seeing much more traffic in or over Denver/Cheyenne. It's been pretty level since the end of March (or a downward trend). Daily peaks are still sub-40s.
A lot of Emirates and Qatar airways flying , associated with China and Malaysian airways so why is this so I can Understand China as with cover up makes it more interesting if passengers have Covid 19 and still spreading the disease .
Please, please, please allow us users to get rid of all the garbage that seeing all these position only flights has brought. I am sure there are those who like this feature and that is great but please allow those of us who do not the option to turn them off!
Hi Stephen, what problem or negative impact are you experiencing? We are certainly working to fix any bugs and appreciate as much feedback as you can share.
Larry White 1
Not around DFW/DAL since the 'mean bugs'hit us. It's been mainly A/A and WN and a few DL, Spirit and commuters in the mix.Also lots of UPS, FedEx and other cargo coming and going,, Amazon even has their own a/c. I also tune into and can follow a/c almost 'real' time(approx.1 minute delay). I'm partial to flight aware though as one can post to the boards and comment.
linbb 1
Had observed here in southern OR quite a series of AC very high could see just on light no others blinking on them. They were about 5min apart all on the same flight path appeared to be roughly same altitude west to east and the same speed. No others at all in sight this was about 9pm our time.
David Stark 2
Maybe you were seeing the Starlink satellites.
We need to be able to see where the spy drones sent up to monitor social distancing are. Well, now I'll probably be on the enemy-of-the-state list.
Matt Lacey 0
Now if I could just get the T-38 and military flights out of EFD. I live 4 miles SE.
AlanWalsh 0
Having this feature is a bonus you may want to limit this feature to be turned on or off by a Enterprise User or above. I would find this nice since many times I track someone fly from a destination it would be interesting to see the air traffic they have to navigate through. Last thing the flight you are following could be in a different color. Just my thoughts.
Lo Rie 0
In Germany still very little traffic. Mostly cargo jets only
I live on The Wash NW Norfolk UK and before this disaster was a main overfly position for the USA to Europe and The Middle East. just had a flight to Abu Dabi and another to Kuwait from Washington and New York but that all! but given The USA has closed its borders its a surprise to see them?


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