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Delta Begins Progressive Return Of Aircraft To Service

Delta Air Lines (DL) has begun the process of reactivating both narrowbody and widebody aircraft to its active fleet in recent days. The move comes amid Delta increasing daily flight volumes to cope with rising demand in air travel throughout the United States in the wake of the COVID-19 virus. While Delta has already relaunched many routes and increased frequencies on countless others for the month of June, it is its July schedule that will require more active airframes to operate. ( More...

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ADXbear 11
Its a good start.. i wish the best for our aviation friends with plentiful work soon
Jesse Carroll -4
May the keep their prices low and add more planes so we can fly like people and not cattle!
Darryl Sarno 5
Glad to hear. Wishing a quick and successful return to the Aviation industry and employees back to work.
This is an aviation site and not a political platform for either side. Go find somewhere more suitable for your political commentary
bentwing60 -1
Remind us, after they burn down your comfortable safe space, that anyplace in this uber political world is free of politics anymore! The wuhan is politics on steroids, the government is printin money like wuhan masks and proppin up the stock market with it, and the conservative voice is often voted off the thread here by the lefty 'participants' that don't post, comment or care what they destroy. In case no one noticed, it's workin here too! thank 'hope and change'! I think that was a pseudonym for increased racial and political strife. I know I didn't invent it.

In this Public forum, (show anyway) doesn't erase the idea that some might disagree with you and that Used to be OK. Now days it seems to mean go burn something down, even if it's yours.
James Wills 18
All best to Delta, but please - find another word than progressive to describe their actions. I've had about as much "progressive" as I can stand.

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D Rotten -3
And just what 'kind' of country is that???
Matt McDonald -5
One where the anarchists are controlling inner cities with no police to be seen a la Seattle... :)
Jesse Carroll -3
When did they start letting idiots on this site?
How about no police, fire, or medical service for you! Hopefully you won’t be the first one robbed, rapped or your house burns done because you didn’t pay your protection fee!
John Kliewer -6
James you haven't had half as much "progressive" as the country has had "regressive" in the past 3 years. Put up with "progressive" and keep on flying like the rest of us (if that's what you do).
D Rotten 5
'Progressive' return?? One of my Top 10 hated words!!! #1 being, 'Safe'. #2 being 'Experts'.
The fact that they are using that word, 'Progressive', should give everyone a blueprint of EXACTLY what they are going to do!! Apparently, forcing the TSA on us was NOT 'progressive' ENOUGH!
mdburd 1
Pretty sure they're using the word to mean "happening or developing gradually or in stages", not the politically charged use of the word.
James Simms 0
Stakeholders...cringe every time I hear that phrase
Robert Harris 3
Right there with you, James. I know I’ve had enough of that word too.
Delta Airlines has always been a good airline. However, as of late before the pandemic, I thought, their service level, aircraft cleanliness and customer service had greatly gone down.
Now that they are returning, the airline industry needs to keep their prices under control, they also need to ensure passenger safety and they need to STOP packing people like sardines. They need to install thermographs to check passenger temperatures and politely refuse the right to fly to those that are exhibiting symptoms.
best wishes for them..sadly,it is reported that covid cases are once again on the rise in 20 staes,especially ones that reopened as well as other carriers will have to keep up the temperature taking,the masks and as much social distancing as can be done for a while longer...
Tim Payne 10
For goodness counts are irrelevant. Case counts will continue to go up with the increases in testing. Even if more people are 'getting it', the only thing that matters is hospital capacity and deaths. If a million people test positive, but are just 'sick' and not needing professional care, that is a good thing, not a bad one.
Anna Osborn 1
Thanks Andy.
Anna Osborn -1
Matt McDonald. Strange comment. They let You fly?
Matt McDonald 0
Indeed they do, and a pretty good pilot as well. Those are your people out in Seattle. Stay informed
Jesse Carroll 4
My people are God fearing, gun carrying good people!
Welcome to Texas, now go home!
cricket clark -7
I understand needing the paychecks, being on land and not in the... I wish I was in the air than wishing I was on the ground.. But i wont be, my parent married 68, 16 planes my father passed mom 85.. i can stay here for what ever it takes, to protect her..
Robert Lewis 1


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