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Amazon Gets FAA Approval For Drone Deliveries

The US Federal Aviation Administration on Saturday issued Amazon Prime Air a "Part 135 air carrier certificate," allowing it to begin commercial drone deliveries in the US. ( More...

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I just don’t get it... there’s a full assault on air ride sharing - primarily on the grounds that it’s revenue generating - (UberAir type businesses) by the FAA and multiple campaigns to mitigate manned aircraft vs unmanned accidents - then they go approve this - revenue generating drone army.
Bernie20910 5
Going to get really interesting in the future as they work the bugs out, especially about passing over or close by "sensitive" locations.
MrTommy 1
Yeah, like delivering from Las Vegas to Rachel, NV via Area 51.
Robert Lewis 4
Wonder what the law is regarding found goods. If a person finds a drone and it's package down in a field, is it finders keepers?
dilkie 3
same as when someone finds your car, unoccupied, parked on the side of the road...
Mike Williams 1
Another package pirates can use possibly in cahoots with Amazon. They would consider it a delivery.
AWAAlum 3
Just what we need - another way to put thousands out of work.
Dwight Hartje 3
Can Amizon delivery my Gemini Jets aircraft with that service?
strickerje 3
I"m not sure I see the benefit to this - range is limited, so a person would still need to load the drone in relatively close proximity to the destination. Payload is undoubtedly also pretty limited. At best I could see the drone dropping the package off at the recipient's door so that the driver doesn't have to get out of the truck, not for this system to replace the delivery drivers entirely.
AWAAlum 3
Baby steps.
Bernie20910 2
Hmmm... what if you combined the trucks and drones into one delivery system? While the driver delivers heavier packages and packages where the drones can't go, have one or two drones on the roof of the truck being auto loaded with lighter packages and delivering them in the surrounding area, reducing the driver's workload and increasing efficiency? The drones could recharge on the truck as needed.
Jim Ward 3
What is the payload limitations?
I want beer delivered to my house.
Phill Roddick 5
This would have to be one of this decades biggest time wasting exercises when there are many other delivery mechanisms within the supply chain that are not going to require huge amounts of new regulation and a plethora of problems in the foreseeable future. Not to mention the actual verse perceived delivery costs.

Might be different if the world actually required this. However in reality this is largely just a marketing gimmick.
Dennis Seel 3
Agreed. It’s mind boggling to see all the useless “stuff” that gets thrown at us by overly aggressive sales and marketing teams. The real shocker is the tons and tons if this “stuff” goes to the landfills. Most charities won’t even accept this “stuff” for donations.
dilkie 1
try living in a country with crappy delivery service, like Canada, or out in the country.
MrTommy 3
Drones with 'payloads' don't have much range. You folks in the 'outback' can forget it.
MrTommy 2
Thanks zeek. I had no idea they were using fixed wing drones for this. My experience is with four and six prop helo-drones. I can see where the fixed wing drones would have more distance and able to haul more weight.
I'm waiting for the day when one falls out of the sky onto a house, a car, or worst of all, a person. Then let's see Bozo talk his way out of that one. Yeah, yeah, I know, he'll just throw money at it.
No more hassles with crew sched.
Dennis Seel 2
Is it reasonable to assume these deliveries will be limited and priced accordingly above all other deliveries.
Also - who dispatches and flys and maintains the drones.
Tyler Cippen 1
I think its cool
D Rotten -1
Jeff Bozo has TOO MUCH POWER! If I see a drone flying anywhere near MY home, it's getting shot down. And I'll bet MANY others will be doing the same!
Elliot Cannon 7
You don't control the airspace anywhere near YOUR home. The FAA does. If you shoot down an aircraft, manned or not, it will not go well for you.
Bernie20910 5
Shhh, shhh! Don't spoil the surprise for them!
Shoot? Bang & slammer for you. You have no ownership or air rights above your property.
Quote from Bubba Gump"...."


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