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Salt Lake airport opens brand new terminal

Salt Lake international airport has been undergoing a billion dollar renovation project including entirely new terminals, underground transportation to the terminals from security, and expansive brand new parking garages. The new building include large beautiful windows and custom art reflecting the surrounding local beauty of Utah. ( Daha Fazlası...

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sharon bias 6
If I have to do a connecting flight, I'd always chose SLC. No weather nightmares like ORD or DFW. Yeah, they get snow. But after the winter Olympics, they set-up an impressive de-icing system. I've been on planes de-iced quicker than a car wash.
Paul Gedge 1
Salt Lake City is known as the crossroads of the West. With so many opportunities for recreation and business, I hope that this new airport serves everyone. From the skiing ('Greatest Snow on Earth'), our iconic 5 national & 44 state parks, Silicon Slopes technology sector to wonderful food & small businesses... it's truly a great state.

Before COVID-19 hit is was common to observe ~1200 aircraft flying around each day... dropping down to ~600 during the worst economic impact (based on ADS-B observations).

Bravo to the old terminals and how they served as portals to the world for those of us along the Wasatch Front. They welcomed Olympians, Leaders of Nations and explorers of all ages.
Delta is 100% committed to expanding international flights at SLC. It has the largest SkyClub in the world, and it has tons of capacity for growth. Outstanding operations at the airport and very efficient for pilots. Look for lots of growth as we come out of The VID pandemic.
Russ Brown 1
I remember going to SLC when I was staying in Salt Lake because it had the only bar in town.
Build it and they will come? Not for a while. I had a trip planned for Moab for later this month, and had to cancel it months ago. Hopefully this new terminal construction will mean more flight options. Some of the flight itineraries were horrifically laughable. Often flying hundreds of miles out of my way to get there. One was laughable. East coast to SFO, to LAX, to DEN to Salt Lake. Um... What?

Now there ARE more non-stops. Interesting, but some routing through SEATAC, etc... One with a nearly 4 hour layover! Groan... :-D
dee9bee 5
I guess I'm a "the glass is half full" sort of guy. SLC has been working on this for years and fully committed. They're replacing more than expanding, I think. Traffic is down as are aircraft movements. Good time to have a 'soft opening', as they say in the restaurant business and get the thing broken in before traffic picks up again, which it will.


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