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Aviation And Travel Stocks Surge After Preliminary Results Show Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine 90% Effective

Pfizer announces that preliminary data shows their Covid-19 vaccine to be 90% effective. Airline and aerospace stocks prices increased by at least 10% in response to the announcement. ( Daha Fazlası...

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sparkie624 3
Great News... This is what we needed.
Good news....but equity markets tend to over-react to sudden news, good or bad. Watch what happens to these stock prices over the next few few weeks.
Yes they did! Shares went up by 20% give or take. However in the following two days they have dropped by over half of what they gained. Let's see if they level off or continue their downward slide to pre Phizer announcement values.
mbrews 0
Clearly this is better-than-expected good news (medium term) for the aviation industry. Unforch, the near term Covid spread in N. America and Europe, is accelerating, and will continue to cause much health suffering.
Well, its not 'Pfizer's vaccine' but rather BionTech's. Pfizer just did part of the funding and has the right to produce the vaccine in its facilities.
mbrews 2
First,it is spelled BioNTech. Up until 2020, that tiny company had manufactured and dosed a grand total of 250 persons with vaccines. Yes that's 250 persons total.

It requires an established global producer like Pfizer to conduct regulatory testing, then scale up manufacturing to tens of millions of doses.

The fledgling, untried mRMA technoogy requires lipid nanoparticles to encapsulate the RNA and cold chain storage temperatures about -70 degC,

It is all rather delicate, therefore not suitable for billions of people in India, Brazil, Africa, Asia, etc. Luckily, there are dozens of other vaccine candidates being develpoed, most of which use more proven technology that needs less specialized handling.

One candidate, from a Chinese Biotech, withstands 7 days at room temperatures.
Alan Dahl 2
My understanding is that the similar mRNA Moderna vaccine only requires storage at -4 C but as to why two similar vaccines require such widely different storage temperatures I don't know.
Well done you discovered a typo. You are right about Pfizer but still the vaccine was invented by BioNTech no mattwr how small the company was or is. Curevac also says that its vaccine can withstand a few days at room temperatures. But they still have to prove effectiness and safety. I am not eager to try a Chinese or a Russian product by the way.
sparkie624 2
"I am not eager to try a Chinese or a Russian product by the way." - UGH... medicine from China.. Trust... Russia not better!
More than Half of American pharmaceuticals are manufactured in China, including 80% of all antibiotics. Pfizer has had four manufacturing plants in China since the late 80s early 90s.
sparkie624 1
Yeah... But Atleast they are American Owned.
I am talking about a product which is engineered in a labarotory under Chinese ownership, not about outsourced production.
In a way, we are being saved by a German Company. Of course, Charles Pfizer emigrated from Germany as well. Gee, maybe immigrants aren’t so bad.
Rex Bentley -6
What happened to hydroxychloroquine? Who's suppressing the information about that and why Guess you can't make as much off that as a phony vaccine.
If hydroxychloroquine is so wonderful, why didn’t ANY of the President’s ten doctors at Walter Reed Army Hospital prescribe it for him when he had Corona Virus?
Don Whyte 3
Phony vaccine...sounds like you've been listening too much to that master of the truth Donald Trump. The world hates that dour old bastard. Now he's trying to do as much damage as possible before disappearing into a mental hospital.
John White -2
Dementia Joe and Hunter "Baby daddy" Billionaire bagman??? You mean them?
sparkie624 -2
Best description yet!
Farry Guy -3
All the people must to know that researching of regular vaccine takes about 10 years. Only one time in the world it was researched in 4 years.
So my question is : How ???


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