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Glory days of Trump's gold-plated 757 seem far away as plane sits idle at a sleepy airport

Trump Boeing 757 sitting rusting away at Stewart Newburg Airport in NY. ( More...

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Kevin Keswick 8
According to Wikipedia:

"The aircraft continued to be used by The Trump Organization for executive trips until 2019, when it was re-positioned and placed in long-term storage at Stewart International Airport due to overdue maintenance and Trump not thinking he would be needing the aircraft again until 2025. The left Rolls Royce RB-211 engine has been removed.[11] and a one cycle (1 takeoff/landing) replacement/loaner engine has not been found since it has been placed in storage.[12] Once an engine is sourced, the aircraft is scheduled to be flown to Citadel Completions - owned by the late Sheldon Adelson,[13] Donald Trump's biggest donor - in Lake Charles, Louisiana for aforementioned overdue maintenance. [14] The aircraft is then slated to return to service"
Since Trump is on the outs with most everyone, including Adelson, don't expect a happy ending to this saga.
pjshield 0
FYI -Adelson is dead!
ian mcdonell 4
Aluminium and its alloys do not rust - they corrode
ffrcobra1 3
Rust is just the name given corrosion of iron based metals.
All rust is corrosion. Not all corrosion is rust. Minor detail. A large percentage of the population would not be able to visualize “corrosion”. Nearly every adult has personal experience with rust.
sparkie624 1
Yes... was going to state something similiar... but you can't tell the media anything as they already know everything... Don't believe them.. Just ask them.
mmcmanamey 2
"Honestly? I think if it was a choice of flying on a commercial plane or staying home, he would just stay home."

Kevin Keswick 2
What a bull sh*t article from CNN!

From the headline you would think that Trumps 757 is just rotting away at some remote airport and it's value will soon be reduced to that of scrap metal.

If in fact Trump couldn't afford to maintain this aircraft why isn't it up for sale? The 757 is a prized aircraft for it's long legs. A private 757 with low airframe time like Trumps would fetch top dollar spec'd out with all it's gold-plated accoutrements so why isn't it up for sale?

The fact is - except for when Trump campaigned in 2016 - this beautiful jet has spent most of it's time on the ground during the time Trump has owned it, spending most of this time sitting on the ground for weeks and months at LaGuardia and not in an arid desert. During the time that Trump was President you could probably count on one hand the number of times "Trump Force One" took to the air.

Then there is this. According to Bloomberg News: "report this week estimates that Trump's net worth has fallen by $700 million since February 2016, from $3 billion to $2.3 billion.

If in fact Trump is worth *just* $2.3 billion I'm sure he can afford to replace the left engine on his otherwise pristine 757 jet - if not he will just have to do with flying on his Citation-X .

This kind of reporting from CNN (and MSNBC) is really pathetic. They are really grasping for any sign that Trump is going to go bankrupt soon or be hauled off to prison in handcuffs.
Ric Wernicke 8
Trump has no friends with the woke media, and even Mike Bloomberg shows his hatred toward Trump with his low ball estimates of the value of the Trump Organization. I see the 757 as a useful tool for the midterm campaigns to carry the entourage to events and be used as a backdrop to keep the Trump name before the cameras. The engine is probably undergoing maintenance and will be ready to hit the trail when needed.
Kennon Riley 1
lol, show more of your intolerance, please
You think he is still a Billionaire? Interesting. Even his golf courses and hotels are now in the red, and he is bleeding money. The banks won't lend to him any more, and his brand name is failing. I expect he is about to dip into his campaign accounts and PACs and that will add yet another charge to what is coming.
ffrcobra1 -6
A 25+ year old airplane that served in airline operation in Central and South America for a large part of its life is in pristine condition? Anyone who deals with aircraft maintenance on a regular basis would fine that statement laughable. The fact that “The Trumpster” allows it to rarely fly and to sit outside to rot only shows that he doesn’t listen to people who know acft maintenance any more than he listens to anyone with decades of hard earned knowledge about subjects of which he is ignorant.
Kevin Keswick 13
It was built in 1991 and spent only 4 years in airline operation. In 1994 the late Microsoft co-founder - Paul Allen - bought the aircraft and converted it to a private aircraft. Trump bought the aircraft from Paul Allen. I would expect it has relatively low airtime since it hasn't been a workhorse for an airline for most of its life
jeff slack -7
It IS just sitting there rotting away.

Read any news source on this plane and their opinions and statements are the same.
ADXbear 2
To continue.. this man didn't take a dime of his $400,000 a year salary for 4 years.. do people really think he is broke? Please!
Broke is probably too strong a word. Financially impaired might be a better way of saying it. During his 2016 campaign, he was asked by a reporter about his salary, considering his claim to having $10B+ of his own money. He shot back that he would donate his salary to a worthy cause during his term of office. Because of that pronouncement, the press would really grill him if he took the salary. I doubt he could use his bogus IRS audit excuse to get out of that mess.
His businesses are all failing and his brand is being removed for being toxic. All he has is his supporters donating to his PACs. It's kind of a Riches-to-Rags story that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
this site is not supposed to be one for "political fodder"...whether you like/liked trump or not..his wealth has been the subject of a lot of investigations,due to a lot of lies or malfeasance as president and as a real estate person..any aircraft,just as a car,need to have at least minimal maintenance and yearly checks on operating engines or parts..i truly doubt mr trump could afford at this point in time to maintain nor operate the 757 per faa standards,and as president he used af1 at taxpayers expense to take golfing vacations/trips to his various properties,whil haveing the 757 in storage..that is factual information..
scumbag airlines
ADXbear 1
Isnt it disgusting how all these post presidential articles show a negative bias of him, his wealth.. Seems they are looking to see his failure in life..
This man didn't take his $
rumor has it that Stewart is going to use it for a lavatory for ramp crews.
EMK69 1
Interesting rusting away....I wasn't aware that Aluminium rusted I thought it corroded.....not surprising coming from a news station that swore by "eye witness account" that Mike Brown was on his knees begging for his life....
Brian James 1
The US Government should impound it to offset the money spent on his golf trips.
Kevin Keswick 1
This documentary on Trump Force One shows how meticulously maintained this air has been kept.
It's a puff piece. Trump tried the get his pilot a gig as head of the FAA if he played nice.
halifax -2
He'll stiff the FBO at Stewart for the storage fees, for sure. Then counter-sue them when they go after him, and then settle for some price that rips off the FBO.

That's how he rolls. And his cult of fools, trailer trash, and subintellectual seditionist-insurrectionists love him for it.
bigkahuna400 -9
Bet you he cant pay for it, or even afford the storage accept parking it outside. What a sad sight for a nice plane. Not the way to die. But seems it will..Missing parts. No way he will bring this back. Why is it not stored in a hanger. Or as the article says, stored somewhere warm. Maybe he wil use some of the $200M from supporters to pay for it!
dee9bee 3
Howard Hughes would have it in a hangar by now...
A hangar would be better than a hanger.
jeff slack -3
and I bet you are 110% correct

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dnorthern 8
Donnie still lives in your head. Rent free. Take your meds
jeff slack -2
completely agree

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jeff slack -6
double agree


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