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The Boeing 747 Supertanker is Ceasing Operations

The investor group that owns the 747 Supertanker, Tanker 944, is shutting down the huge air tanker. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Torsten Hoff 17
That's unfortunate. It looks like California is looking at a busy fire season, the capacity of Tanker 944 will be missed.
this seems odd. DOes anyone in california expect less forest fires this year? The capacity of the 747 cannot be discarded without much thought as seems here. THis 747 is a single-use marvel of imagination . Somebody ought to acquire this plane, put into the public firefighting air force, and get ready to use it. We are goingto need it.
Mark Henley 4
Maybe a group of the wacko environmentalists can get together, pool their money, and buy the aircraft to put it back in service... After all, they're the ones that screwed up all the forests to begin with....
skylab72 1
No, the investors saw the promo vid for the new Canadair 515 and realized they were wasting their money.

Besides Mark, by definition environmentalists love trees more than you seem to.
Bill Butler 0
Hah! Great. I was thinking along the same lines. To love trees so much that one cannot salvage a bit of firewood to keep the forests clean isn't environmental stewardship. California can't seem to get there forestry act together, so the tankers will always be needed.
Tom Bruce 10
was based at old McClellan AFB Sacramento on and off for several years... must cost a lot to operate...the many DC10s still around, I guess
Larry Toler 0
Environmental groups aren't happy that it lays down more retardant than necessary. Sounds kind if stupid but I guess we can't have too much of a good thing.
Mark Henley 1
California already has "too much of a good thing" ... retardant that is.
That retardent is full of stuff to promote growth MORONS all of them

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jeff slack 7
seriously, how is that comment made by a troll?
djames225 3
Hmm..looks like I got downvoted for agreeing with your comment, Jeff....smh
skylab72 1
Troll because: A) Ad Hominum attack, B) Not bout aviation.
djames225 0
linbb just likes looking at his image in a mirror, and considers most a him.
In California firefighting is all about the money. That tanker will fly again as soon as the season starts there just changing names of the people that collect the money from the state just another scam organised crime at its finest.
I am so sorry Super Tanker #944 will be sidelined, unbelievable given the forecasted drought conditions this year. I loved seeing this beauty at MCC, watching many take off's, with the finest crew around! I followed each day the mission in Brazil's Rain Forest. I have seen this tanker in action around NorCal, and tracked its flight path on many missions throughout the state. This is a major loss to fire suppression!! Thank you to the crew, hope to see you all again soon!
Hmm...let me guess...environmental pressure?? Cut your nose off to spite your face kinda thing?


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