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1 Dead, 9 Missing After Floatplane Crashes into Puget Sound

One person was killed and nine people remained missing, including a child, after a floatplane crashed Sunday afternoon in Puget Sound in Washington state, the U.S. Coast Guard said. The agency said in a press release the plane was flying from Friday Harbor, a popular tourist destination in the San Juan Islands, to Renton, a southern suburb of Seattle. ( More...

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Kevin Keswick 8
Dan Gryder of the Youtube channel "Probable Cause" has posted a video with the probable cause of this crash. Dan says his video will probably be taken down in a couple days (because of lawyers) so click on this link to watch it now before it is taken down >

Everything that Dan says makes complete sense. The problem was not with the design of the De-Havilland Canada Turbo Otter (the crash aircraft was built in 1967) but with the maintenance and inspection.
bentwing60 2
Not my BFF but IMHO the DG assessment is spot on. Aft CG, copious amounts of nose down trim in effect, large load on elevator/horizontal stab., then trim tab fail!

"Galloping Ghost" at Reno anyone?
mark archacki 3
Sure seems like a plausible explanation for this awful crash. If I owned any of these aircraft I would have those parts carefully inspected on a regular basis. Wonder if they should be redesigned and replaced?
ken roberts 2
He may be right but Dan should know better than to declare a probable cause before ALL the information is in.
Kevin Keswick 7
Here is the flight track

It appears it broke up at around 900 feet

RIP to all on board
Leander Williams 4
Rest in peace to those who perished.
linbb 6
Early reports of a loud boom possibly like an inflight break up possibly.
mary susan watkins 3
how sad for the have been on a seaplane before and it is a very different experience than landing or taking off from an airport..
heiligenwho 2
I am surprised there is not more ads-b data. there are a lot of flight trackers there. The climb to higher altitude seemed normal, but speed at 100kn should be ok. The otter is a workhorse. I have flown with a canoe strapped to both pontoons and for pax + gear.
dcmeigs 1
Lots of possibilities. A bird strike resulting in an unconscious pilot seem like a possibility at 900 feet. I’d imagine a large bird hitting a windscreen at 125 knots would be very loud. My condolences to all effected by this tragedy.

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justin chavez 15
Yes, because in 2022 people traveling to a high-end resort in the San Juan Islands would be carrying dynamite... who thinks like this, beside you? Really? Lets not confuse wild opinion with facts that have yet to be uncovered.
bbabis -9
Think whatever you want. I think we all still have that right but a wing coming off or water impact does not sound like thunder. It was either a tragic accidental explosion or an intentional act of murder against a high profile passenger. Much more to be learned about this.
justin chavez 13
I am not thinking anything. I will be patient and let the NTSB attempt to determine the cause of the accident. Since you seem to have details regarding this accident you should contact them, they have a 1-800 number. I flew Otters for a living for a brief period, as good of an aircraft as they are they have an issue with their elevator trim tabs failing in flight (reference incidents involving aircrafts N3125N and N703TH) Having an opinion is a right, but it is still opinion, and fact supported by actual aeronautical experience and aircraft operational history still seems more relevant than throwing out phrases like intentional murder of this yet unnamed high profile passenger by "old dynamite and fireworks." Comments like yours are disrespectful of the victims families who will seek meaningful (read factual) closure, disrespectful of the NTSB investigators who will spend weeks, months, possibly years attempting to provide those facts, and the operator of the aircraft who lost and employee and will face the scrutiny by the public and keyboard warriors who produce opinion online.


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