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Air Force insists penis-shaped flight path aimed at Russian base in Syria was not intentional

The incident is not the first time US military pilots have been accused of drawing a penis in the sky. The U.S. Air Force is denying that pilots of a KC-135 Stratotanker intentionally flew a flight path that observers online noticed resembled the shape of a penis that was pointed at a Russian naval base in Syria. ( More...

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patrick baker 2
and what if it was indeed intentional? such a depiction would require `quite a hand on the throttle, a steady holding course, and the ability to swiftly reverse course, among other skills. Sophomoric humor is a diminishing skill, and too bad the KC-135 was not equiped as a skywriter. For those with penis-envy or penis -aversion, perhaps the aircraft could have flown a hand print with an expended middle finger pointed at our russian friends in syria, a sincere one-fingered salute if you will


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