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Black Hawk military helicopter crashes near Alabama highway, no survivors

A military helicopter crashed Wednesday near Highway 53 near Huntsville, Alabama, leaving no survivors, Fox News Digital has confirmed. The Madison County Sheriff's Office said the fatal crash occurred at 3:00 p.m. near the intersection of Burwell Road and Highway 53 near Huntsville, Alabama. ( More...

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Nathan Cox 5
Terrible conclusion to this flight. Whatever the failure was, it seems catastrophic, with no pilot intervention possible. It literally fell out of the sky in a tail spin. So sad for those who are affected by this tragic loss of life. RiP.
A. Highsmith 2
From the look of video, it appears that he lost his tail rotor. He was falling straight down. I flew UH1 helicopters in the Army and that was a real concern for me. You can land if you have forward speed and a runway (run on landing) but in this case it was not possible. I was not rated in the Blackhawk as they came into the inventory as I was leaving the service.


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