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JetBlue Announces Flights to Amsterdam

JetBlue Announces New Flight Route to Amsterdam, Continuing Its Legacy of Low Fares and Award-Winning Service to Disrupt Transatlantic Air Travel. ( More...

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Chris B 1
They got the slots but not enough planes. So you can fly to London fro Boston, but can fly back to Boston directly.
That for me sucks.
Roger Anderson 1
Another Paywall
21voyageur 1
Single isle, or double isle (manufacturer and model aside) it is the business side (finance, shareholders) that will determine the strategy. Bums in seats are all that counts now that aviation is not really that much more than a bus at 30,000 feet. Simply my opinion.
David B 1
i wonder what plane. probably a321

Gary McCormick 1
Yes, it says A321 Long Range 24/114 config.
Ken Pritchard 1
Jet Blue to Amserdam? I wonder when the first CANCELLED will go up on the departure readerboard
sweeper239 1
So what are the cheap airfares. article doesn't say how much !
Edward Pagliassotti 0
Anothe paywall :<
James Simms 3
I had no issues bringing the article up….
patrick baker -3
for some time i have penned in these pages my desire for Southwest Airlines to acquire a goodly number of 787's and go transatlantic. It seemed a natural to me: a good airliner flown by a great airline, with a history of stirring up competition. Now, JETBLUE seems to have taken that obvious move to heart. I prefer the 787 to any A321 flown by any airline. I suspect JETBLUE will sooner or later serve many more european destinations at prices that don't make me gasp with service worthy of the name. Still not a believer in the A321 as a worthy transatlantic plane compared to A330neo, 787, 777, and all models A350. Nevertheless, good fortunes to JETBLUE coming and going from amsterdam.
Mike Hindson-Evans 1
Airframes aimed at different markets. A321 single aisle sux seats across, 787 replacing 767 as widebody.

But then, people want to fly transatlantic fir roxkbottom fares. That's the marketplace.


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