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Lufthansa Announces Schedule for A380 Return to Service

Lufthansa is finally bringing back its A380s after three years of grounding them. While not all cities that once saw Lufthansa's A380 service will be included immediately, four major cities will start to see the A380 as soon as this summer. ( More...

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ExPatHere 6
I’m booking it for my flight around the world! Always amazed watching these big birds lift off at Frankfurt Flughafen. It’s a wonderful sight. Now, let’s see how it goes on board.
tj shear 5
Last week Flew business LH441 747-8 IAH-FRA. United Polaris Lounge access preflight. Lufthansa Welcome Center post flight. Great flight, food, service. Amenities kit Meh.
aurodoc 4
I am sorry they are not flying the 380 from SFO to FRA. I really enjoyed the 380 pre pandemic. That said, we just flew on the 747-8 to FRA upper deck business and it was like flying on a private jet so I am fine flying the Boeing.
mimana 3
I was hoping to see it at Miami International. They used to service MIA with A380 until 2020.
srobak 3
Again with this.... Luft was flying the 380 back into ORD as far back as last July.
21voyageur 0
Annoying - paywall. Again.
James Simms 2
I had no issues & I don’t subscribe
John D 1
Right. No paywall. It's probably asking nicely to not block their ads


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