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Allegiant Air Takes Evasive Action

At 23,000 feet an Allegiant flight was forced to take evasive action after FAA put it on a collision course with a Gulfstream jet. ( More...

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jmilleratp 3
With our government spending massive amounts of money on things that are a complete waste, modernizing and staffing Air Traffic Control properly goes by the wayside. It's only a matter of time until something tragic happens. That will likely be the only thing that will put our government into action.
godutch 0
You will never take the human decision making out of ATC. Hence, you can modernize/automate all you want, and spend as much as you want, but mistakes will always happen. Rest assured though, it WAS automation and quick pilot flying reaction that did save this aircraft and people (ADS-B)!
sr14572 1
I think this article and the people who wrote it and edited it are fear mongers. The avoidance system worked, Both planes probably took evasive action and by writing this article.....and the YAHOO'S publishing it (and surely heavily edited for fear mongering) just shows how Yahoo is a commie organization.
Greg S 1
The article is from Fox News. Their motto is "We're Fox News, Not Some Commie Organization".
sr14572 0
Fox news? They all sound the same. But you are right, I realized it right when I hit the button, but they don't have a way of editing your post.

MGiessel 1
Is that the flight track?

I can see a sudden speed drop ("sudden 600ft climb??") upon crossing about 30,000 ft. The upslope of the Altitude is also steeper at this point!
sparkie624 0
Ouch... good action my Allegiant... The ATC system is over worked and understaffed... It is a wonder that more of this does not happen.


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