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Hawaiian airlines sees advantage in Amazon pivot to Airbus freighter

Hawaiian Airlines brass believes it can take contracts from other Amazon partners who operate Boeing 767 cargo jets. ( More...

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Terry Briggs 2
If Boeing were on top of their game since they are still using the 767 for the military KC46 tanker they'd modify it to fill this function. But seeing that they voided Airbus' original deal to build those tankers maybe what goes around comes around. Saw one of these at KCVG last week.
Boeing has been supplying new 767-300Fs to UPS and FedEx for the last several years now, they just will not produce passenger versions any longer, United tried to purchase new -300 and -400 series a couple years ago to no avail.
James Cox 1
The 787 is basically a 767 replacement, I can understand why they stopped the pax version.

M.F. LaBoo 1
Delighted to see our local carrier having success in the wider market.


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