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How This 2-year-old Airline Was Able to Push $200 Million in a Single Quarter

In the years after Norweigian’s struggles, more specifically in early 2021, Norwegian entrepreneur Bjord Tore Larsen announced plans to start a new long-haul low-cost airline but this time, to execute it well. The name was chosen to be Norse Atlantic Airways for this new company. ( More...

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djames225 18
Not to mention pushing the envelope and being first to land a 787 Dreamliner in Antarctica.
Peter Fuller 2
How is landing a 787 in Antarctica pushing the envelope, when other types have successfully operated into and out of Antarctica for years?
djames225 2
New airline, taking a chance on an unknown, with a first of its type craft landing. Others have years of experience flying the craft, yet never attempted it.
Carl Staib 4
Not that it matters but I've always contended that it only takes "TWO' entities to run a profitable business. Good management and good workers. If either fails, the business fails. I believe this company is an excellent example of having both.
AJ Mesalic 2
My family just flew on Norse and we enjoyed it. I would use them again.
Bill Crouse 1
Tracking a flight is great and very important
Frank Barrett -1
Dammit, FlightAware, why do you keep sending us to pay-walled websites?!
Frank Barrett 0
...and those that don't allow ad blockers!

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Greg S 7
mike Renna 4
I realize it’s labor, intensive and whack-a-mole – they’ll just create another account, but allowing accounts to post political stuff that has nothing to do with the topic and relying on readers to download it just takes away from a great forum!

Looking at their profile, they’ve been around here for 16 years!? And they have awards or something?

It would be nice if administrators gave people a warning at least for those that have been around here that long. “You’ve been downloaded on x% of your posts in the last weeks. One more new post like that we’re closing your account.

And then close the account and maybe even block new accounts from that IP address

I do realize again, as a manual process it’s a chore.

Maybe AI will be put to use software to do things like this.

We can hope.

Happy new year to everyone And thanks for the interesting comments over the years!!
mike Renna 2
Oops! Even with proofreading I still mess up. Download should be downvote.
Tim Dyck 4
I wish we could edit posts. I am a poor speller to begin with and my spell check loves to mess up my posts even worse then I do. The result is that usually after proof reading and correcting immediately after posting a comment I usually see a spelling or grammer error I missed.
djames225 3
☝☝ I agree. Post edits have been brought up many times, with Flightaware, and yet still no fix.
bentwing60 1
This has never been a particularly responsive forum holder to its participants from the get-go and ownership by the mic will not enhance the odds for improvement! just my long tenured humble opinion.
Carl Staib 1
o edit or disable these alerts please visit
Tim Dyck 2
Can you possibly explain your post? Maybe you have a point to make but whatever it was it did not make any sense to most of those reading it.
alex hidveghy 0


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