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US-based Spirit commits to buy 75 Airbus A320s

I wonder if they will have credit card accepting locks on the overhead bins and pay toilets to go with the $5 fee for printing boarding passes. This suggests a replacement deal of whatever arrangement they had with Airbus. ( Daha Fazlası...

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keith peers 0
Thats great i like the airnus 320.
gary stevens 0
Their apparent success speaks volumes about today's consumer.
Kawaiipoint2 0
I thought they were almost declaring bankrupt... Now they are droppin $8,000,000,000. Thats a lot of zeros.
canuck44 0
Hence my comment on some sort of a "replacement deal". Is Airbus protecting their "investment"? Have heard same comments made about other "Suddenly Airbus" airlines.
Kawaiipoint2 0
Yes, that does make me think a little bit... kind of off topic but reading what you just said makes me think about how American Airlines put in an order for 100 A320NEOs. This whole story is just very interesting.
MimosaDrive 0
Initially I was put off by the "fees for everything" pricing that Spirit uses. I fly a lot between Ft Lauderdale and Dallas and Spirit is one of three options if you want to fly direct without using an Atlanta, Houston, or Charlotte hub routing. I've found that on most trips a total ticket price on Spirit including the fees for baggage, fuel, snacks and even the first-class size seats is cheaper than the "no fee" coach fares on the other two airlines with direct flights.

I also thought they were crazy to charge for putting bags in the overhead bins. But it looks like having the fees have helped reduce the number of people trying to cram bags in the bins just enough that on most flights everybody is seated and ready to go 5 - 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time (not my experience on other airlines).

The Spirit terminal in Ft Lauderdale sometimes has a Greyhound Bus Terminal feel to it, but overall I've found Spirit not to be any worse than any other airline these days. (I guess that is a pretty sad statement about the current state of domestic air travel).
preacher1 0
The only difference these days in riding the bus is price & time and here lately, not a lot of price difference.


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